Wednesday, May 12, 2010

vote for elbert's steak room!

now that the philippine elections are over, let's talk about another type of voting: for the philippines' best restaurants in the miele guide! since its first edition, which was launched in 2008, elbert's steak room has been listed as one of manila's best restaurants and the only one listed under steakhouse. please help us keep elbert's steak room listed for the third time, in the 2010-2011 edition of this trusted and respected guide of asia's finest restaurants! maybe even get into asia's top 20 list! all you have to do is go to, register, and vote! easy! it only takes a minute! we would really appreciate it! so please vote vote vote!!! do it today—last day is on may 19, 2010! (plus you get the chance to win prizes, like expensive crystal vases and wine glasses, and tea sets :-)

to register and vote for elbert's steak room, click here.

thank you in advance!!!

PS: if elbert's steak room is not listed under philippines, you can easily add it and submit your vote!

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