Tuesday, June 08, 2010

clogs: yay or nay?

so what do you think of this whole clogs trend? we haven't quite decided about it. we were around the first time it became a must-have fashion item. in fact, a pair of red patent-leather clogs were our first pair of "grown-up" shoes back in, oh, the early 70s... ??? (buking!) if you were keeping up with the spring/summer 2010 collections presented last september and october, then you know that the most important designers—chanel, louis vuitton—brought out some version of the clog down the runway. when we were in europe last april, we had plenty of opportunities to pick up a pair, but we couldn't even bring ourselves to try one on. are we going to regret it?? not to worry, we've spotted a few pairs of clogs already available in local malls. which one is the prettiest? (the fugliest, more like it. the fuglier, the better??) (excuse the stolen blurry iphone shots...)

zara: P6,490
topshop: P4,995
aldo: P 4,985

1 comment:

jvg said...

yay! i find them quite comfortable and since i'm short, i love the extra boost it gives me.