Monday, June 14, 2010

eau em gee!

our family has always been big water drinkers. back in the day before bottled water—yes, kids, we used to drink water straight from the faucet, unfiltered!—a pitcher of water was an integral part of the lunch and dinner table. it's a habit we carried over into our adult life: the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we do before we go to bed at night is to drink a glass of water. so good water is a must in our household.

we used to order our five-gallon bottled water from fujitake, which was OK till they delivered a bottle with a crack—our kitchen floor was flooded a few hours after it was delivered. we complained about it and imagine our chagrin when they blamed us for the broken bottle! so we switched to agua vida—this used to be the most reliable bottled water, but sadly, the quality has deteriorated. they would deliver cracked bottles (again, the flooded kitchen floor), the bottles wouldn't even be capped properly (they only cover it with the shrink-wrap seal), and the water tasted funky, parang maputik (sorry, there's no other way to describe it). and sometimes, you gotta wonder how your water is delivered to you—we've seen guys sitting on those five-gallon bottles, as in their crotch is right at the neck of the bottle. ugh.

recently, we were given samples of suncoast lightwater—and boy were we glad!! it was the perfect opportunity to road test this new brand of bottled water. but this is no ordinary bottled water. we had been reading about it and were really curious. it's a locally produced water that has electrolytes, so it's ideal for post-exercise hydration—without the added flavor and sugar. the hubby—who's into running and mountain biking—made baon the water during a couple of his fun runs and bike trips, and he said the water is ideal for workouts because the water is indeed "light"—it didn't make him feel heavy and "busog" after downing a bottle. guess that's why they call it "light"!

as for us, we drank suncoast lightwater right after drinking that "maputik" water and it was a big relief for us. haay so sarap! especially during this heat! tasted so crisp and clean. (and the chic packaging is a plus :-)

read more about suncoast lightwater here.


Conci said...

Looks like they copied the bottle design of smartwater over here.

But why can't you drink tap water anymore? Is the water quality over there really bad nowadays?

Anonymous said...

I just drink tap.