Saturday, June 26, 2010

forever 21 for realz

now it can be revealed! just the facts, ma'am! remember how we posted a scoop on the REAL forever 21 finally opening in manila?? well, they contacted the fash pack and gave us an exclusive sneak peek into the store. and we were amazed!!! okay, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. first of all: location location location. the store is actually located on the second floor of megamall building A, right above the new levi's store, which is still being constructed. just go up the escalator and forever 21 is the first thing you see. there are two entrances: the main entrance is right next to watsons and the side entrance is by figaro. for now, the store is still boarded up:
when we went in through the "secret door", we couldn't help but gasp! woooooowwww... it's huuuuuuuge... here's a little hint of what you will see when you enter. off-white walls and ceilings, fancy moldings, charming chandeliers, and racks and racks and racks of clothes!!!
we were given a tour of the store, and tour is right because you might need a map in here! you go in, walk all the way to the back, make a U-turn and there's more! at over 2,800 square meters, it's the size of like six zara stores! (oops, didn't mean to mention a "rival" store...) but speaking of which, forever 21 is going to give all those high-street brands a run for their money because upon inspection of the price tags, there's NOTHING OVER TWO THOUSAND PESOS!!! how affordable is that??

okay, relax, relax... we swear, we were getting palpitations as we started checking out the merchandise. we can't post too many pix; after all, this is a sneak peek. but look at the way they style their mannequins, so chic! so funky! so inspired! we likey!
and if you're talking accessories, well, they've got it all! (hey that sounds like an SM tagline hehe ;-) we were especially salivating over the shoes :-P shelves upon shelves of the most ferosh shoes! remember, nothing over P2,000!
anim na tulog na lang! because, yes, forever 21 opens to the public on july 2, friday! be there bright and early because P200 vouchers will be given to the first 250 customers to queue up at the entrance! so file your leave naaaa!!!

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mia.e said...

cant wait for the shoes. hopefully they have size 10. :|

donna said...

becoz it is a U.S brand so definitely that's for SURE! :D

mandy said...


Anonymous said...

yiie~! so exciting! =D

Janine said...

Wow, nothing over Php2,000? Promise!? :)))) Wow, I have to go there, ASAP!