Wednesday, June 23, 2010

real living is for real people

with the demise of domino magazine, no other shelter mag is worth spending money on—except when they're on sale hehe.. so thank god (or thank summit ;-) for real living, our favorite local shelter mag. every so often, they release handy little books that are themed to help DIY decorators (like us!) to improve their quality of living by beautifying their homes. so far, they've released four books and this evening, they launched their fifth book, "real home ideas 5: small space solutions." this will be useful for people who live in tiny condo units that are cramped and sometimes have weird layouts.
the well-attended event was held at the atrium of megamall. here is editor in chief rachelle medina, autographing books for her legions of fans (naks!)
we have been convincing rachelle to fix our flat, which is just dying for a makeover! then you can feature it on the cover haha! meanwhile, check out the real living blog, it's a fun read :-)

"real home ideas 5: small space solutions" (P195) is available at major bookstores and newsstands

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Rachelle said...

I'm so tached!!! Thank you, Fashpack!!! =)
(formal boylet introductions will come, ahem... at the garage sale party hehehe0