Saturday, June 19, 2010

segunda-mano shopping

somebody once said we decorate our house the way we dress (of course, we use the word "decorate" lightly). and we think that for people who are into both fashion and interior design, this must be true. that's why we love that TV show "dress my nest" hosted by ex-queer eye thom filicia. it also reminds us of a section in the now-defunct domino (huhuhu) called "can this outfit be turned into a room?" so getting back to our decorating/dressing style, that would mean mixing old and new, cheap and expensive, and a whole lotta prints and color. of course this is mostly in our fantasy because our flat in real life is messy, cluttered, and completely devoid of any style. haay... but we try... we love going to segunda-mano shops and browsing, taking pictures of stuff we like but won't necessarily buy, and engaging in more fantasizing... our problem must be commitment: we like that chandelier, should we get that chandelier, is it too expensive for a chandelier, is it too big for the hall, too small for the room, is it the right color, can we wake up every morning and look at that thing and not go eww, hmm we don't like that chandelier, never mind. see what we mean...?
so aside from our usual haunts of evangelista street and makati cinema square, this time we headed north to QC. of course everyone knows kamuning, which has several thrift shops. this is where we found an original fl/y lamp by kartell and a few other charming and unique lamps. and if you're in the market for vinyl (we used to call them records or LPs or, in tagalog, plaka), they have a wide variety here from all decades!
we also found a place on edsa called remar, a yellow building located right before nepa-Q-mart (if you're coming from makati).
they sell second-hand furniture, home decor and accessories, and clothing from europe and the UK. and all proceeds supposedly go to remar, a christian charity-slash-"rehabilitation center for drugs and alcohol." some of the items we saw:
they also have another branch, also on edsa, but across, which sells pretty much the same things.
we also went to dapitan and we were shocked! the last time we were here—which was of course over 10 years ago—the vendors sold everything on the sidewalk and the prices were dirt cheap (literally!). now it's a roofed tianggehan. but be sure to walk down the street because there are more stalls. there are lots of items made of ceramic, resin, wrought-iron, and native materials. most of the stuff here strike us as rejects or over-runs of products made for export. we were able to buy a wrought-iron hat/coat rack, which is not easy to find in this country!

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mabel_p said...

I live in QC and I haven't been here. Makapunta nga! Thanks, Liza :)