Monday, June 28, 2010

wake up, fran!

that has been the battlecry for the last 24 or so hours on facebook since fran ribaño suffered an aneurysm then a massive heart attack late sunday afternoon. she fell into a deep coma, a condition she remains in. here is an update on her condition posted by her sister tere on facebook as of 1:30pm today:

Fran is still deep in slumber, not a whole lot of movement going on. She started having fever around 8:00 AM today (so the bedside nurse said) and has been consistently febrile since then. They started giving her Paracetamol every 4 hours and the fever's been held at bay but it's still there.

A repeat of the ECG and a 2D echo was done this afternoon. It showed pretty much what we knew from yesterday – that there were areas on the wall of her heart that had lacked oxygen and this prevented them from functioning properly, so her heart isn't really functioning properly, period. Her ejection fraction (amount of blood that is pumped from the heart to the rest of the body) is decreased – which means that the amount of blood that's circulating isn't sufficient enough. Which is why her other organs are getting affected, particularly her kidneys. Her kidneys, though not necessarily failing, aren't functioning as much as the doctors would like. Normally, a medication is given to help it out a bit (called dopamine), but that same medication is used to help the heart function well too; in Fran's case, we've maxxed out the drug so we're looking for alternatives.

The neurologist (Dr. Vince Macalintal) came by and the news didn't get any better. Apparently, instead of one side or one bleed, Fran has two – a grade 4 on the left and a grade 5 aneurysm on the right. Her brain is still swollen so again, they can't touch her. As for the medication to bring down the swelling, it unfortunately has been discontinued for now – her BP won't go up and the medicine needs to have the BP slightly elevated for it to be more efficient and to prevent hypotension. Dr. Macalintal is exploring other avenues to try and relieve the pressure. For now, an EEG is yet to be done that will tell us of brain function; what happens after that is anyone's guess.

So there it is. I wish I could have given you more joyful news but this is what's going on as of now. Our family have been persistent in urging Fran to fight this and to prove to the world how stubborn she really is. We're still praying and we're still hopeful And we are with you all in spirit, praying with you and beside you, for Fran to overcome this.

The doctors expressed concern as to the number of people coming in and out to visit Fran. I know we would all want to see and talk to Fran. But given that she started a fever, they would like to keep the visitors to a minimum. So we'll respect that. In the meantime, may we ask that people pray for her, continue to hold masses and prayer brigades for her but to refrain from visiting her. If you'd like to talk to her, we've been allowed to hold the phone near her so (as Erich was able to do earlier today) you can call her phone and we'll let Fran hear your voice. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. We've also been reading to her all your text messages, your emails, and your FB messages and Twitter messages so keep 'em coming.
Again, thank you very much.

and if you are on facebook, join the We LOVE you FRAN RIBANO! profile and post your messages to fran, which are read to her by close friends and family members. if you know fran—and we're sure many of you do because everyone knew fran and fran knew everyone—please join us in praying for her full and speedy recovery, sending positive thoughts, and shouting out, wake up, fran!!!

PS: there will be a mass for fran tomorrow (tue, jun 29) at 5:30pm at the greenbelt chapel. please pass this message to friends of fran.

UPDATE: jun 30, wed: we got the text at about 1:30 this morning. it simply said "she's gone." it's heartbreaking and shocking when this happens to a person who was so energetic and lively, was always smiling and laughing, and regularly organizes parties and events where people can forget their problems for a while and enjoy themselves. there were so many sweet messages left for fran in her facebook profile, not a few saying that she must be partying now with the angels in heaven. she lived a full life. we can learn from her example. rest in peace, fran. it's going to be a little too quiet around here without you. you will be missed...

PS: fran will be lying in state at loyola chapels sucat starting 6pm today. novena masses will be held daily at 8pm. necrological services will be on saturday, starting with a holy mass at 8pm. internment will be on sunday, starting with a holy mass at 9am.

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