Thursday, July 22, 2010

filipino's design copied

filipinos have a reputation of being copycats—from mimicking our favorite singers to replicating the latest trend off the paris catwalks. but we were surprised to hear this story of the tables being turned—of a filipino's design being copied. and not by some fly-by-night entity but by an international company with branches all over the world. ok, take a look at this cute T-shirt design below:
marco angeles, a singapore-based filipino has been selling these T-shirts via under the name ivejustquitsmoking. members can submit designs for T-shirts and, if chosen, will be produced and sold via the website. marco's original design called "hoot! night owl!" was submitted in june 2009. it appeals to owl lovers, coffee drinkers, and T-shirt wearers. now take a look at this ad below for beans & beyond, a coffee place or a brand of coffee beans. the ad was designed by JWT in mumbai, india and was published in december 2009: didn't take them long to find "inspiration," did it? so they filled the cups with coffee, but isn't this a blatant rip-off??? we have not verified this story or gotten the story from either side, and we don't know if marco has contacted JWT or vice-versa. all we know is that one of them is a copycat!! (or should we say, copyowl... ;-)

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