Friday, July 02, 2010

forever 21 finally open!

last night, all roads led to SM megamall for the exclusive VIP launch of forever 21! sa wakas nandito na, nagbukas na ang totoong at hindi pekeng forever 21, woo-hoo!!! medyo exagg but we're pretty sure this is how a lot of people feel about it. including our 15-year-old niece, a diehard forever 21 fan, whom we took along as our date last night :-)
as soon as we got through reception and entered the store, she got so confused! "where do i go fiiiiirrsstt???" we can't blame her; we felt the same way when we got a sneak peek last week. this is what it looked like wednesday last week:
this is what it looked like last night:
pandemonium!! women were going nuts!! we saw friends who didn't see us because they were too busy going from rack to rack to rack. and don't even ask us about the queues to the fitting rooms. and the queue to pay? fuhgedaboudit!! chaos!!
after the confusion at the register and the tangled queues that resulted in some complaints because they weren't moving and the intervention of the bouncer (eee afraid...), we all patiently waited our turn. after we left, we texted marketing manager jane kingsu about the situation and suggested they implement a snake-queue system, wherein there is only one line and customers pay at the next available register. parang airport ba. well, looks like they listened because a friend who shopped at forever 21 today said it was very orderly, with two snake queues. we have one more suggestion: add another pay counter! we don't think two is enough!

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