Friday, July 23, 2010

fun [expensive] day at greenbelt

today was pampering day at jing monis salon. we received a gift certificate for a hair makeover during the salon opening last october 2009 and it was expiring in a few months! so it was time to get our grays colored, eek! we didn't realize how technical the procedure was. jing whipped out the haircolor bible and wrote some number codes on head sketches to indicate to the staff exactly where on our head to apply what shade.
jing told us that he was the only filipino to pass the exam for the master class for haircoloring to be held in london in october. wow, congrats! since we were going to be tied to our chair for the next couple hours, we decided to get a foot spa and pedi as well. plus jing threw in a hair treatment as part of the hair makeover. we spent a total of four relaxing hours there! ooh we better savor days like these while we're jobless... after, we had a late lunch (3pm) at lusso with some amigas. ordered our favorite lobster and river prawn sandwich, washed down with two glasses of prosecco. yum :-) then we swear we were on our way back to the car when we were sidetracked by a sign at the tory burch window (click to enlarge and read):
oh why can't we just buy these super-chic cuffs?? (sorry, pic isn't very good, it's just a stolen shot from our iphone hehe..)
well, there was a sale and we ended up buying these heels at 45% off, woo-hoo! but we still weren't eligible for the cuffs, boo-hoo!

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Joni Andrea said...

I love those shoes! Good find! :)