Sunday, July 25, 2010

the future of magazines?

naku we've been neglecting this blog. even anton huang asked us why we hadn't updated our blog. ngek. parang pinag-sabihan kami ng boss namin hahaha... so here we are playing catch-up. today we are going to talk about the ipad. because yey! we have one! it's actually a hand-me-down from the hubby who bought a new one as soon as the 32GB wifi + 3G version was out. by then the original ipad was like a dinosaur to him. well, it works for us!
as you can see, the case is so dirty because when it's in the backseat of the car, tinatapak-tapakan lang ng aso namin. and the screen is full of tiny fingerprints because when our nieces get to it, it's doodling and games time (who taught them to play plants vs zombies??). but what we like to do is read magazines on the ipad. we recently discovered zinio, where you can buy magazines by the issue or subscribe for a year. since we already subscribe to the paper version of vogue (and each year, we swear that we will cancel it and never do), we decided to subscribe to bazaar (hello, one issue is US$4 and a whole year is only US$8—that's about P365, the price of ONE issue here!). here's the cover of the august 2010 issue with cameron diaz. so clear and sharp.
you can start "flicking" it to view or you can view the thumbnails of the pages below and tap on a page you like.
you can also view all the thumbnails at once...
or go to the table of contents.
we like to read the magazine by the page. but when you get to the fashion editorials...
you might want to flip it to get the whole story.
this is the future of publishing! all magazines will soon have an ipad version! we love it! now we no longer have to collect more clutter at home! no more buying of magazines! no more fire hazards! less trees to be chopped down! less garbage! yey for the environment!


RubyG said...

Wow!! Inggit!!! :D

mrshobbes said...

Awwwww, I waaaaaaaant! If only to experience reading a magazine on the iPad :D