Monday, July 26, 2010

guilty pleasure: magkaribal

yesterday, we talked about the future of print publishing going online. the truth is we are lamenting the slow death of print publishing. it's a worldwide trend: circulation has gone down, advertising has dropped, people—especially young people—have stopped buying magazines off the newsstand and prefer to get their information online, and so many of our favorite magazines have been shuttered (domino huhuhu...).

personally, we love paper. we love flipping through magazines, cutting up pictures we like and pasting them onto scrapbooks or taping them on the wall for inspiration, the scent of a brand new issue when it arrives, curling up on the sofa and reading articles or just drooling over pictures of beautiful clothes, interiors, or destinations... we can go on and on!!

but still the ipad has its advantages. one of them is being able to watch missed episodes of "magkaribal" hehe... like tonight! yes, we admit, we caught the first episode and have been hooked since. we often miss the actual telecast, so we usually download from youtube. thank you, bunjoyz! her/his downloads are the most organized. for example, since we missed tonight's episode, we simply search magkaribal episode 21, which is divided into three parts, since youtube only allows videos up to 10 minutes—which means, minus the commercials, each episode is only 30 minutes long! so we open three tabs on safari and download 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3.

but since we now switched from eastern to sky broadband, we'll be signing up with iwantv! so we can watch "magkaribal" on demand (we're just waiting for our account number).

some thoughts on magkaribal:

1. victoria and vera have got to be at least 10 years apart. so why do they look the same age?

2. why doesn't gelai remember her real last name (which is the same as manuel's) and why doesn't she remember her father? didn't she ever see him? was she that young? (we don't remember na)

3. angel aquino is a revelation here. we always knew her to be a good actress, but this is a role she obviously relishes. she gets the best lines and scenes. but the writers/directors better watch it and not turn her character into a caricature.

4. for us, bea alonzo was always one of those young actresses to watch out for. she is really proving herself here to be the best among the new crop of leading actresses. (and what a beautiful face!)

5. we thought it was just us, but apparently a lot of viewers are distracted by gretchen's face. we'll say no more!

6. enchong dee is adorably cute. and who knew a champion swimmer could act!

7. derek ramsay... he's ok but we feel he lacks the depth to play a guy who grew up on the streets and went through a lot of experiences that shaped who he is today. and we had a feeling he was dos! (show na the branding-iron scar!!)

8. we don't know her real name but one of the best-cast characters is gigi, the hometown beauty queen. she is the probinsyano's concept of a beauty queen just because she's tall and slim and poised, but her face isn't pang beauty queen. her character is waiting to be discovered as a model. sana some designer shops for tela in divisoria and spots her! (a la joann bitagcol in the pancitan in bulacan and wilma doesnt making walis in cavite, odiba??)

9. other well-cast supporting characters: robert arevalo as ronaldo valero (underplays the aging gay designer. gotta respect an award-winning actor for not wanting to steal the spotlight); nina ricci alagao as donna, vera's trusted assistant (we noticed she's the only staff member who doesn't call her miss vera); the two clowns who play vera's senior designers gianfranco and jean paul (RS francisco and toffee calma, respectively); arlene muhlach as gelai's masungit adoptive mother (she could be bea alonzo's real mother in real life).

10. naloka kami sa pangalan na alexander jacobs!!

and what are YOUR thoughts?


JoanneRK said...

same here for nos. 1,2,3,8,9 and 10. But what makes me (and most of my friends) watch it is because of Gretchen...her acting, her clothes, her shoes....etc :)

Anonymous said...

Gigi is actually Miss Philippines Universe 2009!

Anonymous said...

Hello po. This is Gie frind of Hershey from ABS. the one that super adores this blog. To naswer your question regarding GiGi. She's Bianca Manalo, she won as Bb. Pilipinas-Universe in 2008.

jaya_castro said...

hi jenny, i have been your blog since 2006 : ) i saw you sa gma 7, gusto ko lumapit kasi nahihiya ako, i work in gma. na inspire mo ako mag blog pero i was so busy to maintain. anyhow, my thoughts, well hindi ganoon ka fabulous ang mga outfit, lalo yung gowns. i expect a lot from an abs production. hindi siya level ng takgang masasabi nating bongga. medyo mabagal din yung story niya, may mga gaps na, ay anong nangyari? -- wala.
truly nakakawindang ang ilang pangalan gaya ng alexander jacobs (hybrid ba yan ni mcqueen at marc, chos ) agree ako sa iyo lalo na sa 1. i guess may something sa show, or kaya marami rin, though baka hindi aamin, ang nagaabang sa mga susunod na pagtataray ng isang gretchen, through her role as victoria. : )

jaya_castro said...

i forgot, bianca manalo, aka gigi santiago is bb. pilipinas universe 2009 : )