Sunday, July 18, 2010

tod's f/w 2010 collection

july seems like too early to release a fall/winter collection but that's the way it works in the universe known as fashion. the longer the selling time the better. then when the time comes that you actually need fall/winter stuff—coats, mufflers, boots, etc—everything is on sale, and the resort collections are out. that means swimsuits, caftans, and sandals. but we live in the tropics, so who cares? we like to pretend we need fall/winter stuff, but the truth is we live in perennial spring/summer-collection weather. some people would kill for these sweltering temps!!

so last week, tod's presented its fall/winter 2010 collection to a select few. these pieces will be in store by september. a few of our picks off the shelves:

the new pashmy in a treated leather. feels really thin, almost like nylon fabric. we were afraid it would rip!
a relatively "affordable" fox-fur bag. this will sell for "only" P115,000!
a practical tote bag in leather. good shape, perfect size. but a bit heavy because of the hardware.
and shoes shoes shoes!!!
PS: and that night, basyang came to town and her strong winds caused a blackout in the whole metro. luckily, tod's had the perfect giveaway that day: a mini flashlight encased in leather! love it!!
tod's is located at greenbelt 4

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don't know how to put it but the first photo is not too friendly on the eyes.