Thursday, July 15, 2010

trunks & toys by louis vuitton

we confess, we've been hit by that dreaded writer's disease. no, not writer's block; we've been hit by tamaritis! haay, if you've noticed, our recent posts have all been copied-and-pasted press releases. it's not that we don't have time to blog... ok, maybe we don't. a couple of close relatives and their families from different parts of the world are in town for a visit and we'd rather hang out with them than sit in front of the computer!

but last night, we attended an event that we wanted to share with readers. it was the opening night of louis vuitton's traveling exhibit called "trunks & toys" at greenbelt 5's second-floor gallery.
the exhibit features vintage trunks and bags by louis vuitton placed next to antique toys, which are part of a collection of photographer jean larivière who has worked with louis vuitton many times (his photos are also part of the exhibit). the company ended up buying the entire collection and has even used some of the toys in the ads. ooh and looky! we were stamped with the monogram flower with invisible ink, which was visible only under an ultraviolet light. this was how guests were checked for access into the exhibit and into the cocktail area (with flowing champagne, of course :-)
here's a sampling of some of the trunks and toys at the exhibit:
and guess what: anyone can go see the exhibit! it's open to the public and will be on display at greenbelt 5 for the next three weeks. the traveling (no pun intended ;-) exhibit was actually produced for the philippine market, so we're first. from manila, it moves to malaysia. there will be five guides at all times to take visitors through the pieces on display. and lest you get any ideas about even touching those antique trunks, there will be four guards keeping an eagle eye on you—24/7! that means, even when the mall is closed!

and here's an announcement for LV lovers: the greenbelt 4 store has closed! but only temporarily as it undergoes major renovation for the next 14 months. wow, that's a long time. but not to worry, they moved everything to a temporary location, which looks like an honest-to-goodness second branch of louis vuitton.
this temporary shop (which actually looks bigger than the original store) is located just an escalator ride away from the exhibit: on the third floor of greenbelt 5, right across adora. we met jean-baptiste debains, the president of louis vuitton asia pacific and he promised to throw a party like manila has never seen for the opening of the renovated greenbelt 4 store. well, he better top its original opening party in 2003—people are still talking about that party to this day!

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