Thursday, July 08, 2010

we want to go to cam sur and drink lightwater


Camsur – it’s every extreme sports-lover’s paradise. Especially with the Kaogma Festival which highlights various competitions, gathering wakeboarders, motorbike and 4x4 riders, cyclists, and more in a nine-day festivity of happiness. It was in the midst of all these where Lightwater laid its scene and spread pure and guiltless hydration. After hydrating the water bunnies and party denizens of Boracay, it was just right for Lightwater to come south to the adventure-filled province of Camsur.

The distinctive blue and white Lightwater hydration lounge was set-up at the world-class Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC). With the sun high above, everyone appreciated Lightwater as it quenched their thirst, cooled them down, and got them fully hydrated for the day’s activities. The hydration lounge which offered free bottles of water for everyone caused a continuous throng of people, young and old, to line up and re-hydrate. While sipping on their Lightwater bottles, guests took photos of themselves at the interactive 3D photo wall which came in theme with a wakeboard and a cable to boot.

Guests also went online and became a fan of Lightwater on Facebook. As in Boracay, an online promo was held where one can post his or her photo from the 3D photo wall and whoever gets the most likes wins a limited edition Lightwater + Analog Soul tee and Lightwater coolers. Also, upon adding up Lightwater in their Facebook, a pick-a-prize game awaited them where various items were up for grabs such as Lightwater stickers, lanyards and coolers with Lightwater.

At the 5th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals, all the riders were supplied with free bottles of Lightwater. They were sent up on air by the Lightwater kicker as they competed for the win. Fans of the sport enjoyed the Lightwater-sponsored exhibition where foreign wakeboarders showed off their stunts. A fun game was also held where some of the country’s best riders took the cable park by storm, flipping and gliding while tapping on strategically-located Lightwater flags all over the course.

Lightwater also provided hydration at the other Kaogma Festival events such as the Tour of Camsur, Downhill Bike Competition, and Miss Kaogma where bottles and bottles of Lightwater were given away to the participants.

Lightwater is pure water infused with electrolytes – Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium, chosen for their hydrating benefits as well as their ability to maintain the body’s nutrient balance. The combination of electrolytes in Lightwater also account for the clear and smooth taste of Lightwater as compared to the normal bottled water. Best of all, Lightwater doesn’t have any of the bad stuff – no coloring, no salt, and no sugar.

Jasper Ong, Suncoast Lightwater General Manager, says that “Our riders make us very proud. We are honored to be the official functional water of the Philippine Wakeboard Nationals. We’re glad that Lightwater kept all the competitors performing at peak levels during the entire competition which was conducted under very sunny and hot conditions.”

Lightwater is available in 7-Eleven, Ministop, Rustans, Shopwise, Landmark, South Supermarket, Pioneer Center and other major supermarkets and convenience stores in Metro Manila. Learn more about how Lightwater hydrates your body better at!

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