Friday, August 13, 2010

the handbag diaries: ayala malls top food picks

it's friday, could this be the last of the handbag diaries? let's see...

food food food! i'm lucky i'm a handbag. because no matter how much my human gains weight, i still fit! i don't end up as a hand-me-down or worse get sold at the next garage sale. i'm saying this because we attended another lunchtime press con that was all about—what else?—food! it was held at fely J's at greenbelt 5 and my human was so excited because the food there is really good. i know because she didn't dare squish me behind her butt. gotta make a lotta space for all that food, so she parked me on another chair with other handbags. ugh i hate when that happens.. being eyed from strap to bottom by other bags.. and it gets worse when humans ooh and ahh over other bags and not me!!! my human failed me again :-(

Ayala Malls takes you on a gastronomic journey this August and September to discover and experience the favorite food picks of the country’s top food authorities.

Ayala Malls Top Food Picks or A.M. Top put together a Food Council, composed of local culinary authorities, such as Lorraine Timbol, Nana Ozaeta, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Ernest Gala, Issa Litton, China Cojuangco, Margaux Salcedo, Tina Pamintuan, and Chef Heny Sison. The council made their personal dining choices based on taste, service, and ambience—this list of criteria is what distinguishes the Ayala mall dining experience.

three of the judges were present at the lunch. below from left: issa, tina, and lorraine.
Customers were also given the chance to be food judges in the Ayala Malls Top Food Picks by voting online at Lucky customers who voted will get the chance to be one of five winners of P5,000 worth of gift certificates to a restaurant of their choice, as well as an invite to the visual food journey exhibit opening.

A food journey exhibit in partnership with Metrobank will launch in Greenbelt on September 10, 2010. It will showcase the finest and most delectable dishes via a photo exhibit and food sampling. There will also be a touring visual buffet exhibit in select Ayala Malls from September 11 – 17, 2010.

Part of the grand food celebration is a Sun Down Food Market on the last weekend of August in Glorietta, Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center, TriNoma, and Marquee Mall, and October in Market! Market!. This market will showcase specialty dishes of participating restaurants of these malls.

To round up the festivities, the Ayala Malls Food Book, a compilation of dishes selected as part of the Top Food Picks will be available to valuable mall patrons. This book carries an assortment of interesting articles on food and a directory of Ayala Malls restaurants and food merchants.

below is a preview of what you will see and taste! let's eat eat eat!!!

appetizer: baked oysters from marina
soup: clam chowder from capricciosa
first course: golden fish fillet stuffed with melted cheese from super bowl
second course: paella from trellis
dessert: death by chocolate from gelatissimo

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