Saturday, August 14, 2010

the handbag diaries: the body shop campaign

the fash pack still refuses to sit in front of her mac and blog. but her trusty handbag, which goes where she goes, is here and is raring to blog blog blog! so enjoy the handbag diaries while it's around...

parang nakaka-pagod rin pala mag-blog. we don't know how the fash pack does it everyday. no wonder her brain is tired! or maybe she's just tired, period. kasi nga nag-start ang workout with her personal trainer this week... her sked the other day went like this:

11am: workout with trainer
1pm: lunch
3pm: kill time at the mall
4pm: meeting
6pm: event
9pm: birthday party

as for me, i'm just along for the ride. i get stuffed with nice giveaways and sometimes with used, lipstick-stained napkins that smell of alcohol, ugh. but at least i get to share with readers worthy causes like the body shop's stop sex trafficking of children and young people. click on the pic below and read the really sad statistic: the body shop partnered with ECPAT (end child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes) to raise awareness about this shockingly rampant practice. apparently, 2.5 million people are trafficked every year, and human trafficking is the world's third-largest criminal industry (after illegal drugs and guns)! and each year, 1.2 million children and young people are estimated to be trafficked, sexually abused, and exploited. so yesterday, people were invited to come to the body shop's glorietta 3 store to sign a petition to stop sex trafficking! they aim to collect at least 500,000 signatures, so go to the store and do it! no purchase necessary! you can pick up a brochure for more info or go to the body shop website.
but if you're feeling a bit generous, you can buy a limited-edition soft hands kind heart hand cream (P195)—all profits from the sale of this product will be donated to ECPAT philippines.
you can also pick up an eco bag—who doesn't need another one?? the more bags, the merrier!! this one sells for P295 and all proceeds go to ECPAT philippines as well. no need to feel guilty, it's for a good cause!!
and lookey! a free gift! if you spend at least P2,500 in a single receipt, you get this super-cute cosmetic pouch! i likey! i want this!! (to my human: please get rid of the ratty makeup case you put inside me everyday, bulok na!!)

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