Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the handbag diaries: model dating prince? how cliché

hello there! the fash pack's brain is still on holiday, so our guest blogger is enjoying her stint this week. our handbag, which we take with us wherever we go, continues her run...

this morning, our human nearly spit her breakfast coffee when she read's entry on her facebook wall that bikini-clad model alex escat was spotted on some luxury yacht in sardinia. nothing unusual about that, that's what models do! she was probably working! ah but the paparazzi caught her rubbing suntan lotion on the back of some old white caucasian dude who then kissed her hand. that dude just happened to be prince andrew, the duke of york (yes, who used to be married to sarah ferguson, the duchess of york)!
oooh... read all about it here. my human took particular interest in this story because in march of last year, we were in madrid to shoot a fashion editorial and our model was, yes, alex escat! here i am hanging on for dear life in the freezing cold (there was sun, wind, rain and hail, all in one day!), while alex looks perfectly comfortable in an ivarluski aseron dress and coat by the puerta de alcalá, like it's the most normal thing in the world!
obviously, she's used to living the glamorous life. on the day of our shoot, she was late because she missed her train from barcelona, where she had another fashion shoot. then we had to end as early as possible because she had to catch a 7pm flight to switzerland to go skiing, who knows, then she was going to fly to dubai or somewhere exotic like that for some party in a club owned by roberto cavalli, then to milan because she wanted to do some PR work blahblahblah... and a year and a half later, she ends up in a yacht with a prince in the middle of sardinia! see what i mean by glamorous??

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