Monday, August 09, 2010

the handbag diaries: pond's press con

hello there! the fash pack's brain is on vacation right now, so this week we have a guest blogger: our handbag, which we take with us wherever we go. presenting the handbag diaries. take it away!

this week started when my human took me to the press con of pond's two newest products: some white thing and some black thing. it was a lunchtime event held at the peninsula manila's conservatory, which meant my human had to sit down on a chair and god forbid squeeze me behind her butt! didn't she bring one of those hook thingies?? thankfully, while the guests were having the main course, the talk began with a respected dermatologist explaining the need to protect one's skin from the harmful rays of the sun—with matching slide show, eww! i'll spare you from the graphic photos...
just remember to use pond's flawless white blemish prevention UV cream, which not only lightens spots but prevents them from appearing in the first place! it has a light moisturizing formula and SPF 15—perfect to wear everyday because you never know when you're gonna get incidental sun exposure, like crossing the street, riding the car, or sitting at your desk next to the window.
the second product was the more exciting one kasi may magic trick pa. there was a lady behind the bar to explain how activated carbon can absorb impurities and leave you with natural, pure, white skin.
funny how a product called pond's pure white deep cleansing facial foam is actually black! (actually it's just the packaging that's black; the foam is more on the grayish side.)
working on the concept that "black attracts black," the activated carbon is supposed to absorb and lift away the black dirt from the skin. it is, in fact, used in various industries as a purifier (hmmm isn't that how they purify vodka? just asking...) here's the proof! the lady pours inky black water into two beakers, then mixes activated carbon into one of them.
she then pours the liquid from both beakers into two separate glasses with filters. the inky water is still inky, while the one mixed with carbon comes out clear! yes, like magic! imagine what that can do for your skin!

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