Thursday, August 12, 2010

the handbag diaries: we're in stylebible!

hello there! the fash pack's brain still refuses to work, so guest blogger the handbag diaries—who goes wherever the fash pack goes—continues to dish dish dish...

ooh my human isn't gonna like this!!! but she put me in charge of the fash pack this week and i can write whatever the hell i want! especially if i make an appearance in the country's top fashion website, stylebible, woo-hoo!!! my human gets invited to a lot of events (not enough if you ask me, there are a LOT of A-list parties wherein her name is NOT on the guest list) and she's often kinda lazy to get dressed. in other words, walang effort! she loves to wear these crazy prints, sometimes mixing them up like she got dressed in the dark. and can you believe it, stylebible actually noticed!? WTH?! so they asked her to list some tips on how to wear prints and yesterday they got published in the website! along with five pictures of her in different events!! and i'm in all of them!!! (actually, i just realized i'm in only four of them, hmp!) you can click on the link to see the feature or just look at these pictures below!!!

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Anonymous said...

so chic!