Sunday, August 01, 2010

now comes C3

it's no secret that we're a solid apple user. from our desktop to our ipad to our iphone, it's apple all the way. but before apple came out with a mobile phone, we were a solid nokia user. of course these days, a phone is no longer a phone. (and when you say phone, nobody means landline.) it has to do everything, except make coffee—meaning take photos, take videos, record and play music, store your contacts and calendar, check your email, surf the internet, chat with friends (not the boss!!), and, for a lot of people who are into social networking, update on facebook and twitter. a few days ago, nokia launched its new phone that was made specifically for the social-networking market (er, us?). introducing the nokia C3.
Built with social networking in mind, the Nokia C3 offers instant access to favorite sites such as Facebook and Twitter straight from the homescreen, allowing people to easily view, post, comment and update their status. Getting messages across is quick thanks to the full QWERTY keyboard.

“People want a good-looking, affordable handset that allows them to stay continually connected, in a way that suits their lifestyle – whether it’s via email, social networks or IM buddies. Our newest and most affordable QWERTY phone does just that. You can surf the web and update your status wherever you are so you can keep in touch with friends and family, whenever you like,” said Benoit Nalin, General Manager, Nokia Philippines.”
Email and chat accounts can be set up straight from the device, without the need for a PC.

With a two-megapixel camera, the Nokia C3 is great for taking pictures and videos which can be instantly shared online, straight from the device, via GPRS or Wi-Fi. You can store up to 8GB of pictures, music and videos by purchasing an optional memory card.
The Nokia C3 comes in hot pink, slate grey and golden white with an SRP of PhP 7,295. And, for only Php 20 a day, SMART subscribers can do unlimited chat, email, Facebook and Twitter on Nokia Messaging. Enjoy your free 7-day trial now by texting NOKIA TRIAL to 6677. For more details visit For more information on Nokia Messaging go to .

A full list of features for the Nokia C3 is available at

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