Sunday, August 08, 2010

tara, tara!

when team manila sent us the schedule of events for this year's manila design week, it looked interesting, but nothing that would make us get out of bed, dress up, and drive all the way to SMX or cubao expo. but when we read in chuvaness that tara mcpherson was going to be at one of the events and would be auctioning some pieces, it made our ears perk up. while we know who tara mcpherson is and are familiar with her work, we wouldn't really consider ourselves a fan. but there was one piece up for auction that caught our eye. so saturday night, after the 9th day mass for miguel fabie and a salo-salo at cav organized by his family and close friends, we decided to brave the rains and possible flooding and headed to the collective on malugay street to bid on the signed and numbered poster that we wanted. and there it was:
we had no idea who rilo kiley was (apparently, they are an indie band from LA). and at P4,000 this poster had one of the higher starting bids. there was lots of activity and fans were queued up for the autograph signing. we didn't realize just how popular tara was! we caught the artist herself signing fans' books, shirts, posters, and postcards, most of which were purchased in the premises.
unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the acution. it was late (11pm) and we still had a birthday party to attend. so we asked our friend, photographer kai huang, to bid for us. we decided, ok, we're willing to go up to double the starting bid—no more! by midnight the bidding began and it didn't look so good for us.
kai kept us updated via text (parang absentee bidder via phone, soshal!). the posters that started at P1,500 were ending at outrageous prices like 10k, and from P3,500 to 19k. daz kerrrreyyyzeee!!! finally when our poster came up, guess what? starting bid: 4k. ending bid: 5k. we got it!!! just our luck no one else wanted what we wanted. bakit kaya??? (thank you, kai! :-) so today we went to pick it up and pay for it. and it was given rolled up in this tube:
we had to rip the top of the tube because we couldn't pull the precious poster out. now we have to flatten it before we send it out to be framed. so happy to be a proud owner of a signed and numbered tara mcpherson poster :-)

(auction action photos by GR rodis)

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Anonymous said...

rilo kiley are cool!!! download "under the black light". also look for jenny lewis' solo stuff :D jealous of your poster!