Wednesday, September 22, 2010

beauty blog: clarins shaping facial lift

we attended the small workshop for clarins' reformulated shaping facial lift, made especially for asian women who are prone to more round-ish face shapes. when the invitation said it was to be held at glorietta's grandmall area, we didn't realize it was really to be held in the middle of the mall!
we met jason au, the regional trainer based in singapore, who told us all about this new-ish product.
new-ish because we remember attending a workshop for this same product years ago. the gal from rustan's heard us and said, oh maybe when we had an event last 2007. and we said, er, no, it was more like back in the 90s... sure enough, clarins shaping facial lift was first released in 1998. back then, there were all sorts of "face palm" positions to follow while applying the product; that hasn't changed. in fact, they've added a part 2! it's called the "manual auto-lifting" method and it's pretty much the way they give you a facial in clarins institut, wherein the therapist gently presses your face to "drain" toxins away from your face. this pressing action is also supposed to "sculpt" your face by firming the cheeks, chin, and jawline. (hmmm maybe charice should use this to maintain her new, slimmer face...) apply this via the method every day, once a day, after toner and before moisturizer, and you can improve the contours of your face—or at least get rid of puffy cheeks, double chin, or sagging jawline. and don't be lazy like us!! (the enclosed booklet has the complete steps.)
clarins shaping facial lift (P3,950) available at all rustan's.