Tuesday, September 14, 2010

eastern promise at devarana

the last time we were at devarana spa at dusit thani hotel was two years ago. what took us so long to come back here?? this is one of the most underrated and undiscovered spas in the city—which is sometimes, we admit, the way we like it. that way, the place stays clean, quiet, mabango, and always looking new. well, with devarana spa, we didn't need to worry because it looks, smells, and feels exactly the same as it did when we first visited :-)
this time, we got to experience a special treatment offered only once a year for a limited time: the 90-minute eastern promise therapy package (P3,800++), which is done by their visiting thai therapist named apinya buajapoh, who is based at devarana spa in pattaya, thailand. here she is at one of the spacious deluxe suites, waiting to fulfill the eastern promise:
this is what we got: after changing into traditional thai-style pajamas, apinya started with what they call passive yoga bodywork on a floor mattress, wherein she stretched and twisted our body every which way. so if you're the opposite of flexible (like us, ugh), better say ouch! and she will adjust how far to push and pull. after, a warm ginger compress was applied on our back, which is the area most prone to stiffness and accumulated tension. she took thin slices of ginger, which were soaked in hot water, and applied them on our lower back. after, warm almond oil was poured on the same area to ease tension and relieve pain. now if you're ticklish (again, like us), go ahead and giggle, which we did hee-hee... finally, apinya gave us a pressure-point massage. now don't be fooled by her slight build—this woman has strong hands! so if you're the type who likes firm, hard pressure, apinya is your gal. we're on the sissy side, so we prefer light, gentle pressure. we just hope we didn't snore when she started massaging our head, neck, and shoulders...
the eastern promise therapy will be offered at devarana spa, dusit thani manila from sep 1-oct 31, 2010 only. to make an appointment, call tel 818-7081 or 867-3333

(photo credit: all photos, except of apinya, courtesy of devarana spa)

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