Thursday, September 23, 2010

let's eat: la piadina

filipinos love italian food, no doubt about it, but most italian food we get to eat here have been "altered" to appeal to filipino taste buds. nothing wrong with that, but if you're looking for something a little more "authentic," but in a casual setting, head on over to la piadina. la piadina isn't new, though; in fact, it's been around for 12 years. they used to have a fast-food stall in glorietta's food court till they moved about a month ago into this new location (pictured above) in glorietta 4. it's located on the second floor, right across jollibee. you'll recognize it immediately from the distinct boot-shaped map of italy outlined on the window!

it's owned and operated by former supermodel tetta ortiz and her italian husband giorgio matera (pictured above), who handles the food part of the business. for this new branch, they came up with a new concept. instead of just churning out the usual pizzas and pastas (which they also serve, of course), they decided to divide the menu into regional specialties—that's why the resto is called la cucina regionale italiana. they picked the four most popular regions known for its food: emilia romagna region, piemonte region, toscana region, and puglia region (where giorgio is from).
aside from this la piadina, they also have a branch in tokyo, where tetta used to live and work and where she actually met giorgio. he had a successful catering business (which he still has today) in tokyo; so successful that he was awarded in rome by then-president scalfaro as an ambassador of italian food and culture in a foreign country. below, just some of the la piadina dishes we got to try!

from the emilia romagna region: i cappellacci (homemade ravioli pasta with pumpkin and ricotta cheese filling):
from the piemonte region: le linguine ai funghi con olio di tartufo (long flat pasta with fresh mixed mushrooms, light cream and truffle oil):
from the toscana region: il risotto al pesto con scampi (italian-style rice cooked in pesto sauce with fresh shrimps and parmesan cheese):
from the puglia region: il trancio di tonno alle spezie (seared tuna fillet seasoned with herbs served with baked potato and mixed green salad):
la piadina is located at greenbelt 4, tel 501-3788, open everyday 11am-10pm


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Hi Ms. Liza! Thank you for posting this! =) Best regards from our team!

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very tempting. seems to be a good dating venue:)