Tuesday, September 28, 2010

metrowear bridal: cary santiago

the fash pack's metrowear saga continues! last night's show was held at the marriott hotel and thank god, our name was on the guest list this time, and we were given seat assignments, and the show didn't start that late, but when we saw where seat FFF was... well, let's just say that it was in the very last row, about two feet away from the exit door, and we had a good view of, er, the photographers' butts. ooh this was not acceptable... we wanted to get a closer look at cary santiago's work... the organizers couldn't help us because all seats had been assigned... luckily, we spotted JC buendia, randy ortiz, and tonichi nocom, and after beso-beso, they said that their fourth companion decided to sit somewhere else and offered us her seat. and they were in the third row at the end of the catwalk, woo-hoo!

ok drama aside, take a look at cary's work! this guy must be an alien or something! or he must have a hundred little elves who work for him and do nothing but press those pleats flatly and evenly! the precision in his cuts is astounding. the fit on the models' bodies is incredible. and the workmanship will just blow you away. click on the pix to enlarge and scrutinize the details!


Kristine said...

SUPER OVERWHELMING! I'm guessing the shoes are also his from his Maldita collab :)

jvg said...

Wow!!! I wish I was there to see it up close.

alexhates said...

I always pass by his shop here in Cebu everyday in going to work. And I always, always look forward to his shop window.

Amazing workmanship, really.