Thursday, September 02, 2010

new from apple!

while we were sleeping, steve jobs introduced new apple products just in time for christmas waaahhh!!! these will be out worldwide within the month, so you can start your shopping early!

apple takes the best of the two smallest ipod shuffles and combines them into this new one. they made it square, it talks to you (in 25 different languages!), 15 hours of battery life, 2gb of storage (that's about 500 songs), and it's only US$49!

remember the nano that can show and take videos? they shrank it to just the screen size, but packed it with more features: the screen is now multi-touch, just like the iphone, so simply tap or swipe to make your choice; it's got a built-in clip; the battery lasts 24 hours straight; and to shuffle, simply shake! (oh and fitness freaks will be happy to know it has a pedometer and nike+ receiver—the shoe sensor sold separately.)

the new ipod touch is now like a mini ipad—in fact, it's the future of the ipad! it has retina display (higher resolution), face time (similar to skype) with the camera in the front, HD video camera in the back, and yes it plays music—up to 16,000 songs!

nobody really paid much attention to the old apple TV. the new apple TV is simply video on demand. for US$0.99, you can rent the latest episode of your favorite fox and ABC TV shows, like desperate housewives, 24, lost, grey's anatomy, and glee! and movies from US$0.99 to US$4.99. all in HD! (caveat: you need a US itunes store account.)

itunes version 10—the new word you need to learn is ping, a new social network that is centered on music. so share your likes, dislikes, fave songs and artists—anything music-related!—with other music fanatics! how to join: download itunes 10 and just sign up! see you there!

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