Saturday, September 11, 2010

uniqlo advert

yesterday was a holiday, though we didn't really notice since we don't have an office job and so don't get excited for long weekends like everyone else. because every day is a holiday! *roll eyes* since it was a slow friday, we bought the major dailies (star, inquirer, bulletin) and spent the afternoon reading and eating ice cream (er, and you wonder why you aren't losing any weight..?). while flipping through inquirer's main section (bad news, bad news, bad news), this caught our eye: an article about uniqlo??
a close look showed that it was actually an ad made to look like a news item/press release (note the letters ADVT on the bottom right to indicate that it is a paid advertisement). click to enlarge and read about uniqlo receiving an advertiser-of-the-year award this month:
now why would uniqlo put out this ad when it isn't even available in the philippines? this year, uniqlo opened stores in china, paris, and russia, and is said to be opening stores in south korea and malaysia before the end of the year. and in the philippines? well, because of the success of the singapore stores, which opened last year, uniqlo is looking to expand further in asia, specifically in thailand, indonesia, india, vietnam, and yes, the philippines. all sorts of rumors have been swirling about uniqlo opening here. the last we heard is that unqilo has signed a deal with the rustan's group of companies?? we tried to verify this with someone who works there, but this person had never even heard of such a deal! hmmmm... we shall wait and see...

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