Saturday, October 30, 2010

crocs + collezione collab

Collezione C2 and Crocs team up for Footwear made for the Filipino

“Fashionalistic” local retail label Collezione C2 partners with international footwear brand Crocs to create an innovative limited-edition footwear design that’s casually chic and distinctly Filipino.

The first-ever My Pilipinas Crocband debuted today as part the Crocs Fall/Holiday 2010 collection, with the design showcasing the Philippine map ⎯the signature of Collezione C2’s My Pilipinas apparel line.

Designed by acclaimed fashion designer Rhett Eala, and made from Croc’s lightweight Croslite material to ensure comfort and odor control, this newest addition to the footwear brand’s range of products fuses form and function, and underlines the continuing emphasis on patriotism and community spirit.

“It’s an important collaboration in terms of carrying the ‘fashionalism’ movement forward,” said Rhett Eala, Collezione C2 creative director and the man behind the phenomenal "map" shirts that were largely responsible for the resurgence of Pinoy pride. “We are happy that a global brand like Crocs saw it fit to team up with our label to create an innovative product that speaks so distinctively of our country.”

The limited-edition My Pilipinas Crocband’s launch served as the highlight of the recently concluded grand fashion show held today at the TriNoma Mall Activity Center in Quezon City, which featured key pieces from Collezione C2’s anticipated Holiday 2010 line, as well as the latest footwear models and 50 new designs of Crocs’ Fall and Holiday 2010 collection.

According to Collezione C2 managing director Joey Qua, the creation of the My Pilipinas Crocband is the result of a strategic partnership between like-minded brands. “The outcome is definitely in line with Collezione C2’s objective of creating globally relevant products that merge art, fashion, and nationalism. This collaboration with Crocs hits that mark and provides another opportunity for everyone to appreciate what we Filipinos have to offer.”

“Understanding what the Filipino market needs, in terms of footwear, is an essential aspect of our job,” said Franco Limjuco, VP of All Condition Gear Philippines Inc. “Feeling good starts in practicality, simplicity, and, more importantly, comfort, and this is what Crocs provides. This year, we offer a new design which is uniquely Filipino, as we give more reasons to parade our national pride to the world.”

Inspired by our strong, resilient spirit and adventurous nature, the My Pilipinas Crocband translates the country’s characteristic flair and aesthetic into footwear that Filipinos would be glad to own and proud to wear anywhere in the world.

The limited-edition My Pilipinas Crocband will be available at selected Collezione C2 shops and Crocs Concept Stores starting October 30.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

tory trinket

tory burch always has the best promos! get this super cute reva key fob free! but of course you first have to buy P15,000 worth of regular-priced handbags and/or small leather goods in a single receipt. unfortunately, as much as we love tory's stuff, we can't afford them at regular price. we only shop there during sale periods. the rest of the year, we just drop in and drool... promo is ongoing till november 19, 2010. tory burch is located at greenbelt 5.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

muji's second manila branch

remember how we updated our post last october 16 that muji, which had just opened at bonifacio high street, was going to open a second branch by december? well, it's confeermed!! (confeermed means super confirmed.) that space between make room and fully booked on the second floor of power plant mall now has a muji sign on it! even edsa-corner-estrella-street had a sign! odiba confeermed?? (sign has been taken down as of last night, though.)
hindi lang yon—it's going to be BIGGER than the bonifacio high street store! the BHS store has been packed to SRO sardine capacity everyday since it opened a week and a half ago. we were there the day before it opened to the public and saw the excitement of the crowd that we predicted the shelves could be wiped on opening day. and when we spotted the escalators leading up to the third floor of the building, we could only hope that that was an extension. well, a VERY reliable source just confeermed to us that yes! the muji BHS branch will be extended to the third floor! because yes! stocks have been wiped out so they need to order more! and this extension was decided just two days after the opening because SSI did not anticipate this kind of response! well... as regular muji shoppers, we coulda told them that... the third floor will house the bigger, bulkier items like furniture and storage units.
and who knows, maybe in the future, when our airport can compete in design and efficiency with airports in other asian capitals, they can open a muji-to-go, just like this one below spotted at hong kong international airport...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

win six ipads!

want an ipad? for free?? or at least for P150. because that's all you need to spend to join bench's latest raffle contest! and there are SIX ipads to be won! and if you don't win that, hopefully you'll win one of 30 ipod nanos. contest is ongoing! you have till december 12, 2010 to join! (click the pix below to enlarge and read the details on how to join)

Monday, October 25, 2010

macbook mini?

and while we were, er, schlepping in macau, apple released a new macbook air—11 inches, baby!! could it be? the macbook mini of our dreams is now a reality?? we gotta see it in the flesh! (or should we say, in the metal..?) it's now available in the US, but we don't have to fly all the way there because it should land in manila within the week!!! wheeee!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

random things...

...this time spotted around the IFC mall in hong kong, while killing time before our flight...

cute tote bags on display at the samsonite window. too bad they were not for sale!
hmmm interesting... maybe they'll be serving alcohol this time??
a kate spade and thermos collaboration? cute!
jimmy choo + ugg still equals uggly...
IFC is no longer the tallest building in hong kong—it is now ICC, which stands on the kowloon side...
and you can get a clear view of it from IFC's rooftop garden, which appears to be the new hangout of the DHs on their day-off...
we noticed that the tory burch and coach campaigns are beginning to look like kate spade. maybe they share the same agency perhaps..?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

outlet shopping in hong kong

so we had to make the trek by sea back to hong kong in order to catch our flight back to manila today. but before we got on the plane, we of course had to do some shopping! time was limited, so we didn't do much. we got to go to this non-descript building in some out-of-the-way location, which has floors and floors of outlet shops.
there was marni...
and joyce...
and lane crawford...
as well as club monaco, diesel, juicy couture, maxmara, and a whole lotta home and furniture stores. all we bought was a gold charm bracelet by erickson beamon for anna sui at the joyce warehouse because the price was right. everything was still so expensive! even at half off!! mas lalo na sa prada outlet a few blocks away, which looked like a regular prada store. even the prices looked pretty regular to us. we had to ask our friend who brought us there, psst are you sure this is an outlet store?? needless to say, we bought nothing :-(
and when it was time to go, well, how practical is this in-town check-in, located at the IFC building? first, you buy your ticket for the airport express train (tip: if you're more than one person, buy your ticket at the counter instead of through the machine—that way, you get a discount)...
then proceed to check in your luggage and get your boarding pass. now you're free to roam hong kong till it's time to go to the airport! (get there one hour before your flight is just enough time. but take note that the train trip takes 25-30 minutes.)
then when you get to the airport, you can toss your ticket into this box for recycling! how clever!

Friday, October 22, 2010

walking tour continues

and when we say walking we mean WALKING. thank god we made baon some alaxan. and thank god it didn't rain. forecast was iffy because no one could predict if megi was going to swing by or not, but she decided to go further north. so instead, it was hot. we took some respite from the heat at the venetian macao. the venetian macao is wow. you can't help but gawk at the gaudy interiors.

lots of picture-taking going on. (except in the casino area--bawal. they even ask you to remove your cap. the better for the security cameras to see you, my dear.) check out that ceiling. fancy!

even the driveway is ostentatiously decorated!

and remember: if you ever get the chance to visit, leave your black-and-white striped shirt at home--unless you want to be mistaken for staff because that's how the faux gondoliers and staff are dressed!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

walking tour

macau is known as the las vegas of asia. at one point they even had more casinos than las vegas. so what's to do in macau besides gamble? especially if you have no patacas to throw away?? you go on a walking tour. thankfully, typhoon megi has not hit macau and it was the perfect day to sightsee. we visited the world-famous senado square, then continued on to the ruins of saint paul. beautiful!

but upon closer inspection, we spotted this panda bear inflatable installation! wtf??

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the fash packs: macau

it's our first time to macau and due to "scheduling" issues, we had to take cathay pacific. we love cathay pacific, but unfortunately they don't fly direct to macau from manila. so we flew to hong kong and took the turbojet to macau.

thankfully, we didn't have to pull out our luggage from the carousel. just make sure you have your luggage stub--present it when you buy your turbojet ticket and they will load your maleta onto the boat for you. we managed to book a hotel online--based on price and how pretty it looked, we booked lan kwai fong hotel. yes, they're also in macau!

that's the reception counter above where you check in and we love this mosaic wall below, which reminds us of the missoni fabric on our kartell chairs!

more tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

random things...

payless shoes opening soon at power plant mall 3/f

cute sanrio-character cakes available by order at breadtalk. only P800. (yes, there's hello kitty)

iPhone 4 cases by fendi now available at rustan's. price: P4,450

great for travel, but bad for the environment: wisp, disposable one-time-use toothbrush with toothpaste. no need for water

instant coffee by starbucks??

Monday, October 18, 2010

close-up white now

tonight we're missing the "engagement party" of close-up couples joey mead+ian king and rosanna ocampo+marco rodriguez. as typhoon megi/juan howls outside and its downpour causes traffic snarls everywhere, we think we'd rather be home safe and sound with the hubby and the doggy. too dangerous out there! scurry... anyhoo, last week we were one of the few who got the opportunity to try the new whitening toothpaste of close-up called white now. the rigodon ballroom of the peninsula manila was draped in sheer white fabric and decorated with everything white, silvery, and sparkly. here we are listening to the executives talk about this new development in whitening toothpaste.
what makes it different is that the effect is immediate. as in NOW. as in right after you brush you see the difference. no need to wait two weeks. you get whiter teeth in two minutes! and to prove this, they set up a mini photo studio in the ballroom. that's to get your before and after shot.
they also actually set up two sinks where we could brush our teeth! here are the summit gals getting their turn at the sink. in the middle is the close-up "promo girl" timing them. you have to brush for two minutes to get the maximum effect.
then get your hair and makeup done before being photographed for the after shot.
ok, for purposes of, er, science, we're going to show you our before and after shots. pero ngipin lang nga haha! on the left is before and on the right is after.
after we brushed we didn't really see the difference. maybe it was the "romantic" lighting of the ballroom. but when they zoomed in on our teeth, wow! our teeth really became whiter! close-up white now has what they call blue foam technology, wherein the teeth are coated in white—so the results are instant! and yes they work on pustiso too! the whiteness is temporary, though, and will last for at least a couple of hours, depending on what you eat and drink. it's like makeup for teeth!
close-up white now is available at supermarkets and drugstores for P65 (100g).