Thursday, October 14, 2010

5th anniversary contest winners!

sorry for the delay but we were out of town yesterday and didn't have time to pick the five winners for the fash pack's 5th anniversary contest. but we finally did! first, here are the correct answers!

1. what date did the fash pack write its first post? in that post, who was in the picture, what designer was she wearing, and where was it taken?
answer: october 6, 2005. karen mok wearing louis vuitton, shot in hong kong. a lot of people got this wrong because they chose to go to the monthly archive, which listed october 8 as our first post—unfortunately, as you can read at the top of our home page, blogger has been really screwed up and that our posts per month are not complete. all you had to do was look at our birthday date!

2. what date did the fash pack make its TV debut? (take note, the date we appeared, not the date we wrote about it.) on what show was it? and who were the other two bloggers featured on the show (you can mention their real names or their blog names.)
answer: april 23, 2006. ANC life. the bag hag (ingrid chua go) and dessert comes first (lori baltazar).

3. 2007 was a year we did quite a bit of traveling, both local and international. name all the international destinations we visited that year. (names of countries will do.)
answer: thailand, malaysia, sinagpore, china.

4. when did the fash pack change its color template from hot pink to green? (month and year will do.)
answer: july 2008. another one a lot got wrong. most answered october 2008, on our third birthday because we mentioned how we had gone from pink to green within the past year.

5. in 2009, the fash pack was victimized several times by mercury being retrograde. name at least one instance (please give the date of the post and a short description of what happened).
may 6 - went to subic, only to find out that our hotel was in clark.
jun 1 - went to baguio to use a GC; forgot the GC in manila.
sep 11 - lift broke during our garage sale.
sep 23 - brain on hold

so did you answer everything correctly?? we'll be posting only the initials of the winners, just to safeguard the prizes and make sure that only the authentic winners will pick them up. if you are a winner, we will send you an email shortly and give you instructions on where and when to pick up your prizes. each winner will receive:

1. one cosmetic pouch from store specialists inc (brands to choose from: salvatore ferragamo, tory burch, and furla)
2. P2,000 gift certificate from bench
3. one luxury fragrance from luxasia (fragrances to choose from: calvin klein eternity summer, jurlique balancing cleansing lotion and balancing mist, l'eau d'issey pour homme, shiseido zen, and guerlain idylle)
4. one bath-and-body set from the body shop (scents to choose from: strawberry, olive, moringa, shea, and cherry)
5. one ipod shuffle courtesy of digital hub
6. one "date" (sandwich/drink/fries for two) gift certificate from elbert's cheesesteak sandwiches
7. one enjoy philippines kit
8. P1,500 gift certificate from unarosa
9. one tote bag from collezione C2
10. and a new sponsor added one more prize! one lemongrass fragrance from nullah
CONGRATULATIONS to AC, FH, RD, TV, and SL. if you get an email from the fash pack today, then you are a winner!!! thank you, readers, for joining!


Anonymous said...

haha cant wait to get the instructions on how to get my prizes:)) congrats to us. im so excited.

rondolor said...

any updates?? :)

rondolor said...

Im like a child who is very eager to have a candy:) , I already checked out a sennheiser headset and it was already shipped here. haha I cant wait to pair it with that ipod shuffle. :)

rondolor said...

why I still dont receive any instructions? just a message acknowledging that I won. :(

the fash pack said...

dear rondolor, you did receive an email that you won. and you acknowledged receiving the email. please be patient re instructions for pickup. you are not the only one that won—there are 4 other winners and we are waiting for their choices. we are also waiting for the rest of the prizes to arrive. unless you want to receive an incomplete set of prizes... thank you for your patience.

rondolor said...

oh hi there! sorry for for being impatient :) dont worry im now ok. haha sorry for being inconsiderate. i just thought that I should receive the reply right after my email. now its clear. sorry again. It seems that I almost spam your inbox. sorry again. :) have a great afternoon. :)