Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the fash packs: macau

it's our first time to macau and due to "scheduling" issues, we had to take cathay pacific. we love cathay pacific, but unfortunately they don't fly direct to macau from manila. so we flew to hong kong and took the turbojet to macau.

thankfully, we didn't have to pull out our luggage from the carousel. just make sure you have your luggage stub--present it when you buy your turbojet ticket and they will load your maleta onto the boat for you. we managed to book a hotel online--based on price and how pretty it looked, we booked lan kwai fong hotel. yes, they're also in macau!

that's the reception counter above where you check in and we love this mosaic wall below, which reminds us of the missoni fabric on our kartell chairs!

more tomorrow!

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rondolor said...

woaw! nice pic of the turbo jet! It seems that it is based on the design of catamaran.