Saturday, October 09, 2010

ferragamo-tatler exhibit

you know it's going to be a well-attended affair when two of the most powerful women in business do the inviting—we're talking about nedy tantoco, president of rustan commercial corporation, and irene martel francisco, publisher of tatler magazine. it was a collaboration between tatler and salvatore ferragamo when the former visited the family of the latter in tuscany, italy to shoot, interview, and do a special feature on the third-generation owners of this much-loved and revered brand. to launch the special issue, as well as an exhibit of the resulting photographs, a cocktail launch was held at greenbelt 4. below, some of the photos on exhibit (we couldn't help but fantasize that it was us in the pictures... haay the life...):

louise holm-ferragamo relaxes in the terrace of their home:
fiamma and fabiola, daughters of diego and fiona di san giuliano. wow, to grow up in an estate like this...
grandson of salvatore, james ferragamo, director of women's leather products. he's handsome enough to be a movie star! and he's got a twin!!
and what family portrait would be complete without a dog? (we just wish the dog posed too):
the four ferragamo muses, dressed in the fall/winter collection were introduced that night. below, from left: georgina wilson, belle daza, solenn heusaff, and bea soriano:
and this wasn't just a well-attended event; it was attended by the triple-A list crowd! (and we were part of it, weee! feeling!) just take a look at this crowd! (and that's not even half of it!)

the exhibit can be viewed till october 13 at the fashion walk, greenbelt 5 (the area between phase 1 and 2).

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