Monday, October 11, 2010

first of one

last saturday, we got a last-minute invitation to watch the furne one (pronounced oh-neh) fashion show at makati shangri-la. our first encounter with furne one was way back in 1994 when he won mega magazine's 1st young designers competition. the then-cebu-based (now dubai-based) designer's winning collection was very resort-y, using natural cotton fabric (in fact, it might have been the lowly katsa) hand-treated with drawings of fish and crabs, trimmed with crochet, and accessorized with raffia hats and umbrellas. here's a photo from the pages of an old mega (march 1994!):
furne's fashion show was the highlight of the evening's red cross ball, after cocktails, dinner, and a live auction, which included items like an HSBC credit card pre-loaded with P20,000, shangri-la boracay villa two-night stay, and etihad airways business-class and economy tickets. kudos to event chairpersons kaye tinga and tessa valdes, who both wore furne one that night:
we're sooooo glad we managed to borrow a gown from rhett eala at the last minute (which was too tight—of course it was, girlie benitez wore it for his show! the woman must have no ribs!) because furne one's collection was... WOW. that's all we can say. it was positively orgasmic! each time a model walked past us, we oohed at the front of the outfit, then ahhed at the back. we had a pretty good seat, right next to the runway, but alas, we brought a rinky-dink camera, one that fit into our tiny evening purse. so the photos are not that great. ok, they're pretty bad!!
but you get the idea of how much work went into the creation of each and every piece. super-duper tadtad ng beading, but not in a tacky, over-the-top way. of course, the styling was over-the-top—this is a show, after all—most noticeably the shoes, which looked like they were at least six inches high. platforms of carved wood made in paete, laguna, can you believe it??
which, unfortunately, caused a problem... halfway through the show, a lot of the models started to fall down—not slip, but they literally fell on their butts! parang cartoon, when a character slips on a banana peel. but we gotta hand it to those models—like true professionals, they stood up and continued sashaying down the long runway like nothing happened. reportedly, furne was concerned about the models and asked them to remove the shoes. so for the last part of the show, the models went barefoot—and STILL they would slip!
apparently, there was a leak of some sort from the ceiling. some say it was dripping moisture caused by the fog machine. add to that the material used for the catwalk, like some plastic-y plexiglass or formica. plus of course the shoes. there were two specific spots that the models would slip: first to the left of the stage just as the model walks out from backstage; and second, right in front of us! we could not bear to snap a photo of the model as she was down. every so often, the waiters would hop on to the stage and wipe wipe wipe the floor. one of them even jumped up to help one model who fell! later, even enchong dee and zanjoe marudo—who were both seated at the table across us, right next to the runway—jumped up and stood to the side, just in case another model fell. oh the DRAMA of it all!!!
some guests we spoke to after the show confessed that they felt bad for the models. they held their breath as the models walked, and they were so tense and nervous that they could not bear to watch anymore and wanted to leave! baka magka-heart attack daw sila! all hazards of the job, but please! fashion show directors! there's gotta be a better material for a catwalk! save our models!

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