Friday, October 08, 2010

happy birthday, the fash pack! (part 3)

dizizit!!! the fash pack's birthday is turning to be a birthday week because it's taking too long to get this birthday contest off and running. and since it took so long, other potential sponsors saw our birthday giveaways and wanted in! so we have new sponsors! the fash pack loves collezione C2 who will give away 5 my pilipinas tote bags, enjoy philippines who will give away 5 enjoy philippines kits, and unarosa who will give away gift certificates! thank you!

heed the rules of the fash pack 5th anniversary giveaway contest:
1. if you win, you must be able to pick up your prize. or send someone with valid IDs (with instructions from the winner emailed to us).
2. to qualify to win, you must correctly answer all the questions below. the names of the people who answered correctly and emailed within the time frame will be raffled. five winners will be chosen.
3. email your answers to with the subject line "5th anniversary contest". (this is important; otherwise your email will get lost in our inbox.)
4. you have 24 hours to send in your answers (based on the time stamp below).
5. good luck!

since this is our 5th anniversary, we decided to ask 5 questions based on our blog. one question per year. and it won't be too difficult to find the answers if you know how to use the tags and search app! please answer the following questions:

1. what date did the fash pack write its first post? in that post, who was in the picture, what designer label was she wearing, and where was it taken?

2. what date did the fash pack make its TV debut? (take note, the date we appeared on TV, not the date we wrote about it.) on what show was it? and who were the other two bloggers featured on the show (you can mention their real names or their blog names.)

3. 2007 was a year we did quite a bit of traveling, both local and international. name all the international destinations we visited that year. (names of countries will do.)

4. when did the fash pack change its color template from hot pink to green? (month and year will do.)

5. in 2009, the fash pack was victimized several times by mercury in retrograde. name at least one instance. (please give the date of the post and a short description of what happened.)

6. bonus question: when did you start reading the fash pack and what do you like most about it?


lyncat said...

ang hirap at dami ng questions :P

i'll just wait as to who will win. i am regular follower of your blog :) congratulations and happy 5th!


bessie said...

kaloka ang mga quesitons mo ha.
so number 6 na lang:
I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now. I find your posts witty and your take on things quite fresh.
Wishing you a happy Birthday.
TG you kicked last year's birthday blues.