Wednesday, October 27, 2010

muji's second manila branch

remember how we updated our post last october 16 that muji, which had just opened at bonifacio high street, was going to open a second branch by december? well, it's confeermed!! (confeermed means super confirmed.) that space between make room and fully booked on the second floor of power plant mall now has a muji sign on it! even edsa-corner-estrella-street had a sign! odiba confeermed?? (sign has been taken down as of last night, though.)
hindi lang yon—it's going to be BIGGER than the bonifacio high street store! the BHS store has been packed to SRO sardine capacity everyday since it opened a week and a half ago. we were there the day before it opened to the public and saw the excitement of the crowd that we predicted the shelves could be wiped on opening day. and when we spotted the escalators leading up to the third floor of the building, we could only hope that that was an extension. well, a VERY reliable source just confeermed to us that yes! the muji BHS branch will be extended to the third floor! because yes! stocks have been wiped out so they need to order more! and this extension was decided just two days after the opening because SSI did not anticipate this kind of response! well... as regular muji shoppers, we coulda told them that... the third floor will house the bigger, bulkier items like furniture and storage units.
and who knows, maybe in the future, when our airport can compete in design and efficiency with airports in other asian capitals, they can open a muji-to-go, just like this one below spotted at hong kong international airport...

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Anonymous said...

I hope you don't take offense, but why do bloggers always exaggerate Muji's opening in Manila? (and for that matter, the prices in the Philippines). I was there practically everyday the week the store opened (I work in one of the stores nearby), and not once during those days was the store SRO sardine capacity. Not even once. Maraming tao, but people are making it sound like this opening was ala Forever 21. Ang layo.