Friday, October 01, 2010

patrice ramos-diaz for viseversa

while fashion week is going on in new york, london, milan, and currently paris, where all sorts of collaborations are being announced (H&M and lanvin, matthew williamson and bulgari, gap and valentino, lady gaga and coty), back here in manila, there are collaborations happening too between designers and ready-to-wear brands. last week, we wrote about the ensembles-louis claparols team-up, tomorrow randy ortiz will launch a holiday collection for kashieca called kashieca luxe, and yesterday was the formal announcement of viseversa's new creative director, patrice ramos-diaz. actually, viseversa, a brand that has been around for 20 years, has been bought from the woman who started it, rina go, by a couple of lawyers—leo and ana, who are actually husband and wife. the launch of the new collection, which will be rolling out in stores starting this month all the way through the holiday season, was held at the new the winebar, located at the second floor of cafĂ© 1771 in el pueblo, ortigas center. cozy!
the new collection continues the spirit of the original viseversa, which is to produce classic-separates-with-a-twist for the working woman that you can mix and match with pieces you already own:

below, patrice (in pale gray dress), ana (in B&W printed dress), the models, and the supermodel muses—suyen chi, marina benipayo, and patty betita:
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Lorraine said...


This is Lorraine from Viseversa. I would like to ask permission to post that last picture of Ms Patrice and the models on our website.
We will give credit if you permit.

Thank you!

the fash pack said...

hi lorraine thank you for taking the time to write to us! yes, please feel free to use the photo in your website, and we'd appreciate it if you could credit the blog:

Lorraine said...

Hi! This is Lorraine again. I used your photo on our website blog, :) Thanks again for the post!

May I also ask a personal question? We'd like to give you something for the holidays and we were wondering if we could get a hold of your personal/ office address. If you will, kindly e-mail me at, or Ruth at

Happy holidays!
- Lorraine