Tuesday, October 05, 2010

rhett eala celebrates 20 years

we met rhett eala back in the mid 90s, right after we met our then-future husband. we all used to hang out together in the restaurant the hubby used to work in, when the hubby was still making ligaw hee-hee... so you could say that rhett was part of our, ahem, love story. hello, he made the wedding gown! so tonight it was with great pride and pleasure to attend rhett's 20th anniversary as a professional fashion designer. he held a gala fashion show, which was split into two parts—first was his ready-to-wear collection for collezione, an old brand to which he gave new life with the now-ubiquitous philippine-map shirt; and second was his "couture" collection of gowns and cocktail dresses, which made him a favorite of society girls, showbiz celebrities, and brides. it was held at whitespace to a full house, which included no less than the president of the philippines, noynoy aquino! and wouldn't you know it, we were seated right behind him, eek! (yes, that's his head in the middle, photo below:)
so let's watch the show with p.noy and the rest of the guests! starting with the collezione C2 collection, with pieces for guys and gals with not a map in sight! (well, maybe tiny ones...) the men's collection was really strong with separates that even women would love to wear, especially the jackets, city shorts, and harem-ish pants. meanwhile, the women's clothes were long and short knit dresses, which are always great for travel. this part of the show was directed by jackie aquino.

the second part of the show, which showcased the designs rhett has become famous for, was directed by robby carmona. it opened with miss universe 4th runner-up venus raj draped in jewelmer pearls, looking like a morena grecian goddess.
there were lots of short, tight, colorful dresses, which would look good on teens and women in their 20s, but which can easily be lengthened to the knee and still look sexy.
rhett also introduced the current silhouette—the full skirt—which isn't really new, of course. to keep it from looking too twee, he gave it an edgy spin by handpainting scallops and swirls.
finally, the gowns that so many of us rely on him to create for us when we have balls or weddings or formal parties to attend. the petals and drapes that he's known for were there, but he also incorporated his other creative side, painting, by handpainting some of the gowns.
and if you're a bride-to-be, pay attention!
congratulations, rhett!!!

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