Sunday, October 17, 2010

stopping at starmills

this past month, for some reason, we kept finding ourselves in pampanga. and each time we would exit san fernando, we would see the robinsons starmills mall and think, isn't that where the outlet stores are?? so finally one afternoon, we decided, stop! make a right! there are sale items calling out our name! so we drove in. it's not a very big mall and there are several outlet stores inside. this is what we saw and this is what we thought...

mango outlet: it's the stuff from the end-of-season sales—at the same price! if it's been hanging on the racks for more than a season, the price should be slashed to practically free!
brands mart: this is marked-down SSI stuff that you might see at select tutto moda stores. discounts are not impressive. and the lacoste items are regular price!
saizen: don't get too excited about that 25-peso sign. if you can afford their stuff for as low as P85 at the regular store, then just shop there.
adidas outlet store: this is one of those stores where you have to search for the gems. you just might find it. we didn't.
american rag cie outlet: we didn't even enter this store.
plains & prints outlet store: this might be the only outlet store worth visiting here. they have lots of items from past collections, so if you're looking for something you might have missed when it was first sold, it might be here. prices are pretty good too (take note of sign).

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jvg said...

i was always curious about this place but never had the chance to go. thanks for the heads up!