Friday, October 22, 2010

walking tour continues

and when we say walking we mean WALKING. thank god we made baon some alaxan. and thank god it didn't rain. forecast was iffy because no one could predict if megi was going to swing by or not, but she decided to go further north. so instead, it was hot. we took some respite from the heat at the venetian macao. the venetian macao is wow. you can't help but gawk at the gaudy interiors.

lots of picture-taking going on. (except in the casino area--bawal. they even ask you to remove your cap. the better for the security cameras to see you, my dear.) check out that ceiling. fancy!

even the driveway is ostentatiously decorated!

and remember: if you ever get the chance to visit, leave your black-and-white striped shirt at home--unless you want to be mistaken for staff because that's how the faux gondoliers and staff are dressed!

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