Friday, November 12, 2010

the fash packs: ilocos norte

last night, we took a cebu pacific flight to laoag city. as we sat in the plane, we waited for the lady gaga music to come on. but sadly it never came... we were part of a group of media invited by new ilocos norte governor imee marcos. o may welcome committee pa sa airport!

with matching rondalla band. what a bunch of talented kids!

we were billeted at fort ilocandia resort. may mumu daw dito... we've stayed here years and years before, and while our friends then had some supernatural experiences (showers turning on, knocks on the door in the middle of the night, dark figures sitting in the corner), thank god the spirits left us alone. (so far!) the lobby is beautifully lit with these giant chandeliers:

but the rest of the place is kinda eerie at night. our room:

and just to distract ourselves in case the mumu wants to make paramdam, we slept with the TV on. too bad we could only get the disney channel, so it was kinda loud haha! finally, morning... look at our view of the courtyard!

and here's a shot of the hotel facade:

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