Friday, November 19, 2010

gift guide: holy carabao! organic produce

Holy Carabao Holistic Farms in the countryside of Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a quaint farm amidst fields of talahib and a small forest of narra and mahogany trees. We practice organic and biodynamic farming so that all the vegetables we produce are healthy, nutritious and abundant with live enzymes. Organic farming utilizes natural compost and nutrients in place of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure that both the produce and the soil that nourishes it are free from toxins. In conjunction, biodynamic farming works together with the life forces, rhythms and natural cycles of the Earth. When we work with Nature, not against it, we are able to experience its power to heal and encourage life. It is this healing power that we aim to harness in everything we harvest.

At Holy Carabao, all forms of life are important because we believe that all of Life is interconnected. We treasure everything from the seedlings that fall from the hardwoods to the wiggly worms that cultivate the soil. The horses, sheep, chickens and pot-bellied pigs are raised lovingly and roam free for a good part of the day. But of course, extra special attention goes to Kisses and Choc-Nut—our two adorable and very hardworking carabaos. Come visit them and experience the joys of farm life. We’re only an hour from the big city, but it feels like a world away.

To order veggies or to schedule a farm visit, call Annabelle at 0939-882-8722.

And for the holidays, Holy Carabao Holistic Farms is blooming! We've created special holiday gift sets for your family, friends or business partners with all-organic and biodynamic produce. We can serve bulk orders up to 500 or more!

All packed in our reusable signature crate with:
-sinamay wrap
-nice Christmas ribbon
-high quality Christmas card
-handmade Christmas ornament.

Call or text this number for orders: 0918-942-2611. Please place orders by November 30. Delivery can be arranged.

'Sari-saring Sarap' (colorful variety of organic/biodynamic local veggies from our farm) P895 small crate; P1,195 big crate

'Real Rice' (organic red rice, terracotta pot, wooden sandok, rice recipes) P985

'Jovial Juices' (2 bottles of organic juice w/ reusable pouch, 2 drinking glasses. Choose between Carrot, Sugarbeets, Dalandan or Iced Green Tea. All juices are preservative-free and naturally-sweetened.) P1,155

'Herb Garden' (2 painted pots of live fresh herbs for cooking, tea or re-planting in your garden. Varieties include Basil, Tarragon, Phil. Oregano, Lemongrass, Dill, Italian Oregano.) P845

'Lively Lemongrass' (bottle of lemongrass syrup, glass pitcher, 2 drinking glasses, wooden stirrer, 5 calamansi) P1,255

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