Sunday, November 21, 2010

got gutz?

a few days ago we attended the launch of the new gutz fragrance and gutz watch, a collaboration between bench and actor/host/environmentalist richard gutierrez. it seems like christmas traffic has begun because by the time we got to establishment, the party was in full swing! as we were hanging by the bar (where else?), swigging a glass of champagne (what else??), and catching up with some friends, the show began. so we rushed to the edge of the "stage" where photographers and cameramen had positioned themselves. we managed to find a "hole" and snapped snapped snapped...
then we heard this voice behind us say, sampalin ko kaya babaeng ito? we didn't mind it till we felt a tapping on our shoulder. we looked back, then this guy in a red T-shirt sitting at a cocktail table behind us started gesturing with his hand that meant "chupeh!" ay ang taray ng bading! tinalo pa si ben chan! at akala nya nasa VIP section sha! well, we didn't want there to be more than one rude person in the room, so we moved. but when richard gutierrez came out and all the girls in the audience rushed forward to take pictures of him (isa na kami doon), o ano 'teh lalaban ka??
you can't mess with the fangirls!

(oops, here's a picture of the gutz watch!)


jvg said...

hahahaha! this entry made me laugh out loud. you should've snapped a photo of the guy in a red shirt--the nerve!

Anonymous said...

Why can't male artistas just wear a simple tux? Such an ugly tux. Baduy!!!