Wednesday, November 10, 2010

let's eat: hermanos taco shop

we like mexican food, so every time we're in the cubao area, we try to make it a point to swing by taco bell at gateway mall (are there any other branches??). taco bell is, of course, the fast-food version of "authentic" mexican food, but it'll do. so were we psyched when we heard about a new mexican place. and when they say it's authentic, they mean it because a real, live mexican who loves to cook is one of the owners. meet rene rodriguez:
the new mexican place is called hermanos taco shop and it's located at a petron gas station in quezon city:
the interiors are quite bare, but it has a hint of "interior design" with a wall of wood stubs protruding from a wall:
here's what we ordered!

taco in a soft shell:
rolled tacos:
burrito carne asada:

for complete info, read this article that appeared in the inquirer!


Conci said...

When you come to So Cal, you can have all the Mexican food you can eat. There's a Mexican food joint practically in every corner!

the fash pack said...

we miss those!