Monday, November 01, 2010

mountain high

yesterday was a sunday and halloween; and the next day (today) was a holiday. we had already done our rounds of visiting assorted dead relatives, so we decided to just take a drive to cooler climes. no, not to tagaytay, but to the sierra madre mountain range. the sierra madre mountain range is the longest mountain range in the philippines, which starts right around the rizal province and goes all the way up north to cagayan. no, we didn't drive all the way to cagayan; we just drove through marcos highway all the way up to the tanay area. it was so cool, so relaxing, and had spectacular views... unfortunately (or should we say, fortunately), the place is still quite undeveloped, with just several small hotels/resorts/retreat houses along the highway. in other words, there was nowhere to stop for a beer hehe... above: no beer here, just milk—fresh milk :-P

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