Saturday, November 13, 2010

tour of ilocos norte, day 1

we covered a lot of ground yesterday! although we took a trip here a year ago, there are still so many places we hadn't been to or didn't even know existed. for example, who knew ilocos norte had a dragon fruit farm?

we also didn't know that they grow this way out of cactus-like plants:

don't you love the color?? we want our wall painted this color!

but the amazing thing about this dragon fruit (local name: saniata) is that every part is used. as in zero waste. from the fruit itself (which is different from the usual white)... the peel to the stalk, every part is used to make something! like snacks...

ice cream...


even siomai!

they also make it into lumpia, empanada, muffin, and soap!

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