Saturday, November 06, 2010


today we flew back to manila. whenever we get our seat assignment, we always ask for a window seat. we like to look out and see where we're going. and to see what's out there. nothing but a whole lotta clouds! this is from our seair flight today: needless to say, we like to take pictures from way up there. below, some other interesting shots we've taken through the years...

on qatar airways on the way to egypt:
flying by mount everest on yeti airlines (yes, that's really the name!):
on cathay pacific on the way to beijing:
on hawaiian airlines departing honolulu:
on philippines airlines about to land in singapore:
from madrid to santiago de compostela on iberia:
from madrid to paris on vueling:
on thai airways about to land in bangkok:
on cebu pacific about to land in bohol:

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Anonymous said...

Nice series. Reminds me of the opening credits of Up in the Air.