Friday, December 31, 2010

top 10 trends of 2010

this new year's eve, we decided to get away from the city, the traffic, the noise, the fireworks, the smoke, and the pretentiousness, and spend it in a quiet beach. at least dito may internet connection! (yes, our sky broadband is still on the blink...) which means we're blogging on the fly without our collection of over 40,000 photos (yikes, time to deletedeletedelete), so we'll be stealing some photos from (if you want to see what stylish outfits real people are wearing to the most exclusive events, visit their site!) (and sometimes we're there hehe...) (thanks, stylebible!)

1. hats
the last time we wore a hat simply for fashion and not because it served any purpose (to shield you from the sun, for ROTC, as part of a costume), we were 12 years old. and it was a sailor hat. these days, people wear hats too for fashion and not because it serves any purpose!

2. hairpieces
and if a hat is too much, take your pick from the many hair accessories out there that can turn your look from so-so to so-chic with just a few feathers, some tulle, and a sprinkling of sequins.

3. over-the-knee boots
a few years ago, when we bought a pair of over-the-knee boots, it was because we were traveling to china in the dead of winter. this year you didn't need a reason to wear them. except to look fierce!

4. iPad
hands down (no pun intended), the accessory of the year! come on, how many people have you seen walking around, carrying an iPad like it was the latest clutch bag? and we're talking about the guys.

5. strappy platform open-toe booties
that just about describes the shoe you'll get if the ankle boot and the strappy sandal got married and had a child—which then took steroids. wear this if you want to intimidate people. we know we do hehe...

6. Forever 21
the brand of the year! when this american mass-market brand opened in july in a mega space in megamall with nothing priced over P2,000, it made the other stores nervous. stay on your toes, people, because forever 21 will be opening a second branch in 2011—in makati!

7. nerdy eyeglasses
wish you didn't have 20-20 vision so you could wear nerdy-cool eyeglasses? that's ok, just knock the lenses off those vintage frames—no one will be the wiser ;-)

8. onesies/rompers/jumpsuits
these have great appeal—on a mannequin. because a mannequin does not have to use the toilet. where do you put all the extra fabric when you pull the top part (and your undies) down? let it drag all over a wet tiled floor?? eewww...

9. balance bracelets
we would ask people who wore them, what are those for? for balance daw. you mean if you take them off, you're going to tip over? siguro. this has not been explained to us properly.

10. heels with socks
we had been doing this for quite some time, but not for fashion reasons. it was necessary when, after strapping on our high-heeled sandals, we would spot the big toenail with the chipped polish. shrug. add socks. problem solved.

runners-up: harem pants, shredded leggings, denim cutoffs with the front pockets hanging out, running

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

we're still here

dear the fash pack followers,

please forgive the lack of posts in the last week or so. it's not really because of the mad holiday rush. this year, we finally admitted to ourselves that we are not really a christmas person. we don't shop for gifts months ahead. we don't decorate our home with tons of tinsel. and we certainly don't plan any holiday parties at home! but yes we had one party at home. and ok there was some last-minute shopping. and there was definitely a lot of frantic gift-wrapping one hour before our family's christmas-eve dinner (luckily, we had really nice wrapping paper from lili & nana :-)

anyhoo the reason for the lack of posts is because of our internet connection!! or rather the lack of it!! now we don't wanna get all technical, but sky broadband, ang labo mo!! and don't blame mercury in retrograde!! (although it has wreaked a little bit of havoc everywhere...)

but we would like to share one heartwarming story. yesterday, the hubby accidentally dropped his wallet while crossing the street in rockwell center. later, when he realized his wallet was missing, he retraced his steps again and again, but could no longer find the wallet. as he was about to call the credit-card companies, he got a call from his mom. apparently, a driver found the wallet on the street and delivered it to the address listed in the hubby's driver's license (his old address, where his parents still live). and everything—cash, cards, everything!—was intact! nothing missing! unfortunately, they failed to get the driver's name or number, so the hubby couldn't even thank him or give him a reward. so please say a prayer for this kind stranger. may god bless him!!!

happy holidays, everyone! and wishing you all a brighter, better 2011!!!


the fash pack

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

rockwell center:
the peninsula manila:
marc by marc jacobs, greenbelt 5:
mandarin oriental:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

gift guide: lush

every year, lush comes out with these super cute printed gift boxes, which recipients keep after they open their present because the boxes are useful for storing things! (lush has cute wrapping paper too!)
but this year, aside from the re-usable boxes, lush has a new and even more eco-friendly way to wrap their yummy-smelling soaps and stuff: introducing the lush knot-wrap!
The Lush Knot-Wrap is inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki, which literally means “cloth for the bath”. Originating from Japanese culture where it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste, it started out in the 1600s when people used it to carry their clothes and toiletries.
Lush encourages customers to use these vintage scarves instead of gift wrapping paper. At P375 each, the beautiful scarves are reusable and multipurpose. Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift-wrapping, grocery shopping, decor, or even as a fashion accessory.
lush is located at glorietta 4, greenbelt 3, bonifacio high street, shangri-la plaza, and mall of asia

Saturday, December 18, 2010

gift guide: patchi chocolates

if you're stumped about what to give your boyfriend, mom, boyfriend's mom, best friend, boss, or the person who has everything, why not pop into patchi! it's a new store that just had its formal opening yesterday at bonifacio high street (it's located on the same block as dimensione, in between alessi and figaro). this brand of luxury chocolate from lebanon is owned by suyen corp, so of course ben chan was there entertaining the guests, which included showbiz celebs, society swans, and the diplomatic circle. check out the chocolates!

christmasy displays of silver and gold!
shelves upon shelves of boxed goodies!
adorable it's-a-girl or it's-a-boy themed giveaways!
these premium chocolates don't come cheap, mind you. made with only the finest ingredients, the brand has even been awarded an ISO certification. the collections of chocolate are conceived like haute couture, changing by the seasons and special occasions. and just like fashion, patchi is available at stores like harrods and takashimaya!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Vogue Resignation

17 December 2010

FRENCH Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld has resigned after ten years of service. She will leave the magazine at the end of January.

"It is impossible to overstate Carine's powerful contribution to Vogue and to the fields of fashion and magazine publishing. Under her direction, Vogue Paris received record levels of circulation and advertising and editorial success," said Jonathan Newhouse, ceo of Condé Nast International. "Vogue Paris has established itself as one of the most iconic magazines in the world, with huge influence in the field of fashion and photography."

Roitfeld has decided to concentrate on personal projects.

"Carine herself has become widely known as a beacon of style, fulfilling the role with charm and graciousness. She has become a giant in her profession," Newhouse said. "Carine will be deeply missed. I am extremely grateful to her for what she has achieved."

Roitfeld's replacement will be announced in the coming weeks.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

why time chose him

Person of the Year 2010
For connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them; for creating a new system of exchanging information; and for changing how we all live our lives, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is TIME's 2010 Person of the Year.

Only Connect
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010

"On or about December 1910, human character changed."
— Virginia Woolf, 1924

She was exaggerating — but only a little. Woolf saw a fundamental shift in human relations taking place at the beginning of the 20th century "between masters and servants, husbands and wives, parents and children." Those changes, she predicted, would bring about transformations in every sphere of life, from religion to politics to human behavior. Few would say she got it wrong.

A century later, we are living through another transition. The way we connect with one another and with the institutions in our lives is evolving. There is an erosion of trust in authority, a decentralizing of power and at the same time, perhaps, a greater faith in one another. Our sense of identity is more variable, while our sense of privacy is expanding. What was once considered intimate is now shared among millions with a keystroke.

More than anyone else on the world stage, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is at the center of these changes. Born in 1984, the same year the Macintosh computer was launched, he is both a product of his generation and an architect of it. The social-networking platform he invented is closing in on 600 million users. In a single day, about a billion new pieces of content are posted on Facebook. It is the connective tissue for nearly a tenth of the planet. Facebook is now the third largest country on earth and surely has more information about its citizens than any government does. Zuckerberg, a Harvard dropout, is its T-shirt-wearing head of state.

Evolutionary biologists suggest there is a correlation between the size of the cerebral neocortex and the number of social relationships a primate species can have. Humans have the largest neocortex and the widest social circle — about 150, according to the scientist Robin Dunbar. Dunbar's number — 150 — also happens to mirror the average number of friends people have on Facebook. Because of airplanes and telephones and now social media, human beings touch the lives of vastly more people than did our ancestors, who might have encountered only 150 people in their lifetime. Now the possibility of connection is accelerating at an extraordinary pace. As the great biologist E.O. Wilson says, "We're in uncharted territory."

All social media involve a mixture of narcissism and voyeurism. Most of us display a combination of the two, which is why social media are flourishing faster and penetrating deeper than any other social development in memory. Social media play into the parts of human character that don't change, even while changing the nature of what once seemed immutable.

Like two of our runners-up this year, Julian Assange and the Tea Party, Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have a whole lot of veneration for traditional authority. In a sense, Zuckerberg and Assange are two sides of the same coin. Both express a desire for openness and transparency. While Assange attacks big institutions and governments through involuntary transparency with the goal of disempowering them, Zuckerberg enables individuals to voluntarily share information with the idea of empowering them. Assange sees the world as filled with real and imagined enemies; Zuckerberg sees the world as filled with potential friends. Both have a certain disdain for privacy: in Assange's case because he feels it allows malevolence to flourish; in Zuckerberg's case because he sees it as a cultural anachronism, an impediment to a more efficient and open connection between people.

At 26, Zuckerberg is a year older than our first Person of the Year, Charles Lindbergh — another young man who used technology to bridge continents. He is the same age as Queen Elizabeth when she was Person of the Year, for 1952. But unlike the Queen, he did not inherit an empire; he created one. (The Queen, by the way, launched a Facebook page this year.) Person of the Year is not and never has been an honor. It is a recognition of the power of individuals to shape our world. For connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them (something that has never been done before); for creating a new system of exchanging information that has become both indispensable and sometimes a little scary; and finally, for changing how we all live our lives in ways that are innovative and even optimistic, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is TIME's 2010 Person of the Year.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

rafé totengco for nine west

monday night,, preview magazine, and nine west hosted a party for rafé totengco at members only. it was to congratulate him for being appointed as nine west's creative director for handbags and for being awarded a 2010 filipino presidential award (he was awarded by president aquino last night at malacañang). and the fash pack was there! (at members only, not malacañang hehe..) check out the party pix!

and read all about it:

A refreshed look for Nine West by Rafe
By Myrza C. Sison
(The Philippine Star)
Updated December 15, 2010 12:00 AM

New York-based Filipino accessories designer Rafe Totengco visits the Philippines at least once a year, but his latest homecoming this month will certainly stand out as the most memorable one to date.

Last night, Rafe received a 2010 Filipino Presidential Award in the “Pamana ng Filipino” category for bringing “the country honor and recognition through excellence and distinction in the pursuit of his work.” President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III gave out the awards at the Malacañang Palace to Rafe and 23 other individuals and groups chosen from 110 formal nominations.

The Filipino Presidential Awards honors the achievements of overseas Filipino individuals and groups. Signed into law by the late President Corazon C. Aquino in 1991, the awards were also established to help celebrate the Month of Overseas Filipinos and International Migrants Day in December.

In his speech last night, Rafe said, “Being caught up in my own life and career, until recently I was not aware that there are more than eight million Filipinos overseas in almost country which is more than 10 percent of the population of the Philippines!” He added, “This is truly impressive! Our global kababayans are increasingly skilled and educated, and they contribute to this country’s economy. Obviously we are doing something right!” He said he wanted to share the honor with “the thousands of our less visible kababayans who reflect the diversity and immensity of Filipino talent and compassion.”

The award signifies a culminating milestone of sorts for Rafe’s career in international fashion that spans over 13 years. He launched his successful namesake handbag and accessories line in New York in 1997. In 1998, he was granted membership of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

By 1999, Rafe bags were sold in 60 stores around the world. That same year, he was named finalist for the Perry Ellis Accessories Design Award for Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

In 2000, he got a ”Rising Star” award from Fashion Group International (FGI). The following year, the Accessories Council named him Best Accessories Designer. In 2005, the US mass retailer Target asked Rafe to create a collection for them, the first accessories designer to do so. In 2008, he was voted one of “50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business” by the Asian American Business Development Center as well as featured in an ad for the 2008 Chevy Malibu, for which he created accessories inspired by the car. In 2009, Rafe was featured in a series of American Express ads and commercials along with other up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

In the last decade, Hollywood celebrities the likes of Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon; Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Katherine Heigl, and Fergie have all been photographed wearing Rafe bags. His creations have also become fashion magazine staples, landing in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, In Style, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and the rag trade paper Women’s Wear Daily.

Not too shabby for the then 21-year-old Ilonggo who packed up his life and a thriving fashion design business in Manila in 1989 to move to New York. In pursuit of his wildest dreams, he enrolled in courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology, supporting himself with whatever jobs he could find to get his feet wet in the industry, whether it was selling clothing, styling or designing fabric.

A favorite early career anecdote of Rafe’s that is very telling of just the kind of mixture of fearlessness, audacity and determination that he possesses, essential to the dog-eat-doggedness of the world’s fashion capitals: In 1994, Rafe decided to make a collection of belts and watchbands for a SoHo boutique, which were sold out immediately. The owner was pleased and asked if Rafe had any matching bags. Without flinching, Rafe said “Yes!” despite not having any, nor knowing the first thing about making them.

Sixteen years hence, you could say Rafe has certainly learned a thing or two about bag-making along the way. The latest feather on his cap, or shall we say notch on his belt, or closure on his bag, if you will: In August, Rafe was appointed creative director for handbags for The Jones Group Inc., which sells brands like Nine West, Vintage America, Jones New York, Stuart Weitzman and Robert Rodriguez.

Jones president and CEO of branded business Richard Dickson told Women’s Wear Daily that Rafe, who he says “has a gift for world-class design,” has been tapped to act as a “conductor, who will orchestrate our brands in the design process.”

In this exclusive interview, Rafe talks about his latest career landmarks and in the process reveals snippets from and secrets to what it takes to succeed in a global fashion career — from the struggles and triumphs to paying it forward and spreading the word of hope.

How did your Jones New York appointment as creative director happen? What led up to this?

It was all about timing. I was planning to take a sabbatical to re-think how I wanted to reinvigorate my namesake brand and during that time The Jones Group was looking to bring in new talent. Nine West is a coveted global brand that exemplifies accessible fashion and I’m excited for this wonderful opportunity.

What exactly does the new position entail? What have you been tasked to accomplish?

As creative director I am looking to infuse the line with new materials, modern shapes and detail touches that capture the trends of each season.

What has it been like so far?

I started in the middle of August and it has been a whirlwind. It’s been fun, exciting and energizing! The Nine West brand needed a refreshed point of view. I am lucky to have a great team to work with toward the goal of re-launching Nine West handbags.

What will happen to your Rafe line?

The Rafe brand is currently on hiatus as I work on refreshing the Nine West brand. It will definitely be back, possibly in 2012!

Has it been hard for you to shift from being an entrepreneur to joining an established fashion company?

So far I see or feel no difference between being president of my own company, or being a creative director at Jones. I enjoy passing on and applying the considerable knowledge and skills I have developed over the years.

What is the state of things in the fashion industry today? Has it become more and more difficult for designers to sustain their entrepreneurial ventures without the backing of big companies?

It has been difficult for all levels of the fashion business. It’s essential never to give up and I would encourage new designers to continue to work towards their dream.

What are you working on for Nine West now?

I’m working on my first collection for Nine West Handbags, which will launch in February 2011.

Will the bags have your name on them?

The bags will not have my name on them. Right now my focus is on refreshing the Nine West brand.

Do you have a typical workday?

There’s no such thing as a typical workday. From design and merchandising meetings to production and timeline deadlines, my day is filled with lots of energy and excitement

Jones New York president Richard Dickson said you have a “gift for world-class design.” What is “world-class design” to you? How and why do you think you have excelled in it?

I think what it means is exactly as it sounds. As the world has become smaller via the Internet and blogs, increasingly the taste of the consumer is becoming more and more similar. Oftentimes it’s the same bag that is the best-seller in New York and Hong Kong. My multi-cultural background and constant traveling have totally aided me in being able to see things from a different perspective.

Richard Dickson told Women’s Wear Daily that 2010 was the year of bags, and called bags an affordable luxury and a functional investment that outlasts apparel trends. Where do you predict bags are going in 2011?

I agree with Richard’s opinions and predictions for the reasons he states. Industry sales, margin and sell though data supports these ideas. And traditionally accessories sales movements are seen to be a future indicator of the fashion business health as a whole. To see where bags are going in 2011, keep an eye on what Nine West will be shipping in late Fall 2011.

How did you learn about the Presidential Award?

The Philippine Consulate General in New York approached me and with the recommendations from my professional associates and friends I applied. I’m very excited to be honored with the Presidential Award.

What makes Filipinos succeed overseas?

As I said in my speech last night, besides the fact that we Filipinos are some of the most qualified, highly educated, hard- working and ambitious people on earth, due to our unique history of colonization and ethnic migrations the Philippines is like no other place, it is home to a truly unique people. We know in our genes what “unity in diversity” and being a “world citizen” really mean.

We are a culture of contrasts. We are family oriented; yet we openly welcome strangers. We are fiercely proud of our regional ways and languages, yet we embrace our nation and our place on the world stage. “Live and let live” is our motto. Our strength as Filipinos abroad is that we are ambassadors for the Philippines. This is why we travel well and are warmly welcomed wherever we roam. In my 25 years of travel I have not heard anyone say a bad word about Filipinos. Our reputation precedes us!

You have been bringing pride to our country for over a decade. Did you ever think your career would reach such great heights? To what driving forces or qualities in you do you attribute your success?

When I started getting recognized by the Philippines for my work and the success I experienced in my apparel business in Manila greatly encouraged me. Then, later, the success experiences and validation I received working on Seventh Avenue as a design assistant in New York shortly followed by the incredibly positive reaction to my designs when I started Rafe New York out of my apartment, and the recognition, encouragement and respect I received from fashion retailers and press. At some point I realized I had what it took to be a successful designer “someday.” And with a decade of working 24/7 I am pleased to get a “return on investment” from all the sweat and tears.

What can you say about awards and accolades for artists in general? Are they important? Do they inspire you to do better?

Awards from trade associations are important because they validate and assure one is on the right path, and they inspire the recipient and others to work hard to strive for more.

The last time you were in Malacañang in 2002, it was President Gloria Arroyo who gave you your Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award. Last night it was President Noynoy Aquino. What did you urge him to do in your speech?

I said, “It is essential that we maintain and expand our excellent educational and vocational systems, because we are preparing the future citizens of the world!” I also said in my speech, “I trust that [you] and our government will do everything in their power to advance the excellence the Philippines has exported to the world” as we saw gathered there last night.

Besides your Tapulanga Foundation and Invisible Sisters craftwork projects, do you have more plans underway to achieve your mission to “give back” to the country?

At the moment I am focused on Tapulanga (a charitable organization that sends underprivileged kids to school in Negros Occidental, from where Rafe hails) because my time and resources are limited. I do what I can but I would certainly like to do more in the future.

You got your Pamana ng Filipino award for your ”consistent exceptional or outstanding performance, innovation, social consciousness, dedication and commitment.” What’s your advice for those who want to achieve even just a fraction of that?

I believe it all begins with passion and focus. I love what I do and that’s what keeps me going no matter what. My dedication and enthusiasm affect my relationships with people I work with and I believe that I get the best out of people because I demand the best from me first. People do their best when they are happy and fulfilled. Giving back is something I find incredibly fulfilling. When I met the kids of St. Francis of Assisi school in Talisay, Iloilo through the Tapulanga Foundation, it made me want to help more. These kids are going to have more opportunities for their future because of the level of education they are receiving. It was very inspiring meeting them.

What else do you want to achieve in this lifetime?

I have such a love for design and fashion and I would like to be able to extend it beyond accessories at some point in the future. The story of my career is best described in the words of the poet Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” I think this says it all.

What message do you want to send out to everyone?

When I was young, many people believed that my future was bleak in the fashion world. Fortunately for me, I have great family and friends that believed in me and helped me to persevere. Believe in yourself and dream big — anything is possible.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

good news, bad news

after 15 years in prison, hubert webb is acquitted. he and the five others also convicted for committing the vizconde massacre in 1991 were released today, december 14, 2010 when the supreme court reversed the rape and murder charges "for the failure of the prosecution to rule their guilt beyond reasonable doubt."

meanwhile, the night before, manila's legendary restaurant café adriatico burned. the fire apaprently only hit the second floor, so they will be able to rebuild. they will supposedly move to a nearby temporary location. oh we're so glad we got to eat there a couple months ago. café adriatico is (we refuse to say was!) one of those good ol' reliables you go to when you get a certain craving and you're never disappointed. when we went, we were craving for a big filipino breakfast. man, we could use one of these right about now...

Monday, December 13, 2010

adidas jeans

if you happen to find yourself in alabang town center, do drop by the adidas pop-up store. it's hard to miss—it's shaped like a giant blue adidas shoebox! the adidas pop-up store will be at ATC till the end of january 2011. we wanted to go in and check out the merchandise but as we slid the door open, we saw half-naked male models getting dressed, woo-hoo! no, they were not for sale; they were getting dressed for the fashion show. adidas was launching its new denim line called adidas originals blue collection.

we may be pre-empting this a bit because the jeans won't be available in the market till january 2011. meanwhile, you can do some "window shopping" right here...

cupie skinny spring blue:

cupie skinny bleached blue:

on gal: winneta boyfriend air blue:
on guy: conductor regular vintage blue denim:

rekord carrot grey denim:
so what makes this different from the hundreds of other denim labels out there? it's all in the details.

Building on the popularity of the 3-Stripes brand in footwear, all denim cuts are specially designed to be perfectly wearable with a pair of sneakers. Straight but not narrow legs from the knee down as well as overall loose fits reflect the perfect street wear look. As a novelty, adidas Originals introduces the first sneaker protector on jeans. A special material on the inside cuff of the trouser legs protects the sneakers from being dyed as it normally happens when wearing new denim in combination with light-coloured suede or canvas sneakers.

the adidas originals blue collection will be available beginning january 2011 at the adidas originals concept store, trinoma. prices start at P3,900.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

let's eat: pages deli

next time you go shopping at shangri-la plaza and want to take a load off at a place that's quiet and just a little far from the madding christmas crowd, step outside the mall and into pages deli.
it's a cozy, casual place with really cute interiors and comfy chairs.
the menu consists mainly of sandwiches (with soups, salads, and pastas thrown in for more choice) with names inspired by literary classics, like of mice and men (cheddar, mozzarella, and gruyere cheese on french sourdough bread), the secret garden (vegetarian sandwich with grilled zucchinis, bell peppers, and more), and charlotte's web (pork ham). these are what we tried:

pomodori di michaelangelo (cream of tomato soup, P150):
the little mermaid (smoked salmon in a croissant, P380):
the red badge of courage (pastrami on rye with emmental cheese and sauerkraut, P200):
seafood & sundried tomato (pasta, P300):
and to top it all off, a generous cup of coffee (nice crema!) and a slice of apple crumble. mmmm...
for your christmas parties, you can also take home slices of cheese and meats. next time, we'll try these with some wine for happy hour :-)
pages deli is located at shangri-la plaza's streetscape area (entrance is outside the mall), open 11am-11pm on weekdays, 10am-12mn on weekends. for more info, like pages deli on facebook!