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crystal jeans!

How to wear your Freego Crystal Jeans for the Holiday Season

One of the most celebrated times of the year is coming—what are you wearing to welcome it? Local retail brand and proud “jean-novator” Freego, with its latest offering, allows you to enjoy the comfort of denim while you sparkle in fashionable Yuletide cheer.

The denim must-haves of the season are Freego’s new Crystal Jeans for women. Edgy without being overly ostentatious and comfortable without compromising style and glamour, these unique wardrobe staples utilize crystals for small details such as back pocket embellishments and rivets, making them the perfect antidote to long and winding evenings fidgeting and squirming in a dressy yet uncomfortable outfit. Select jeans even feature actual Swarovski crystals for that highly-coveted, luxurious vibe.
Brand Manager Jet Syquia shares: “Filipinos are jeans wearers, but many of them, particularly women, feel that they are underdressed if they wear jeans for more formal events. Crystal Jeans are our answer to that dilemma. We also came up with a men’s counterpart—Denimetal Jeans—for guys who also want to stand out in their denims.”
Here are some of the ways in which you can rock those Crystal Jeans for that enviable holiday-perfect look.

The Traditional Family Gathering
Got a Christmas schedule packed with dressy family reunions from different sides of the family? No problem—Freego’s Crystal Jeans allow you to “dress up” while you “dress down”. Pair your jeans with your cutest ballerina flats (perfect for running around after younger cousins or siblings!) or most comfortable wedges (for that added height, giving the illusion of longer legs), then go fashionably chic with a loose button-down top—casually tucked into your jeans—or a flowy yet form-flattering tunic.
Dinner with the Boyfriend’s Parents
Nervous about making a good impression on the boyfriend and his parents? With Crystal Jeans, dressing to impress without sacrificing comfort has never been easier. For a casual and intimate dinner at home, look stylishly stunning for the holidays (without looking overdressed) by pairing your jeans with a simple yet flattering sleeveless top and strappy heels. If you’re headed to a fancy restaurant, throw on a tailored blazer for added sophistication.
Holiday Night Out with the Girls
The Christmas season is never complete without the annual night out with your favorite girlfriends! Get gorgeously festive in your Crystal Jeans, paired with a trendy asymmetric top and your most eye-catching, party-perfect heels or pumps. Don’t forget to accessorize—touch it up with some bangles or a statement ring, and you’re ready to party the night away in style.
Crystal Jeans Do’s and Don’ts
Syquia advises women to stick to simpler, stylishly-cut tops. “Crystal Jeans already provide that extra sparkle to your holiday ensembles, so there’s no need for them to clash with an overly decorated top. Go for a top with a solid color and a unique cut or texture, or one with classic silhouettes and subtle prints or patterns.”
He also adds that one’s choice of shoes can make or break the look. “Just keep your desired look in mind when choosing footwear,” he says. “Strappy heels and power pumps look great for more formal occasions, while for more casual events, you can get away with ballerina flats.”
With Crystal Jeans, Freego hopes to enhance one of denim’s most taken-for-granted characteristics: versatility. “You can dress up or dress down depending on the tops and accessories you choose to wear with these jeans,” Syquia declares. “Overall, they are reflective of the brand’s desire to always offer more than what is expected—and we believe that by merging denim and crystal, we have given denim a glamorous, fashion-forward twist.”

Freego Jeans are available at SM Department Store and other major department stores nationwide.

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