Thursday, December 09, 2010

dinner with bree

last week, we had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with the owner of german bag brand bree, axel bree. he was in manila as part of his asian store visits, as well as to check the markets. apparently, the brand is quite established in japan and they're looking to expand to other asian cities. in manila, the store is located at the podium. we had dinner at elbert's steak room—here's axel (seated left) with charles and anna paw, the couple that brought bree to the philippines, and elbert (standing):
as we sat for dinner, axel noticed my bag: a big tote bag made of tarpaulin from the billboards of liberty of london for target. in other words, an eco-friendly bag. he said, "oh we already did that back in the 70s." their company was part of an international expo and had lots of tarpaulin signs announcing it. when that was done, as a promotional gimmick, they reused the tarpaulin and made them into bags. "of course, back then, being eco-friendly was not very fashionable, so it didn't catch on." well, germany has always been ahead of its time when it came to being green. when we lived there for a few months for work back in the late 80s, we remembered being shocked when we were being charged for a plastic bag at the supermarket!

we also discussed technology and how bree can use facebook, twitter, and blogging as a marketing tool. especially for a guy like him who travels a lot for work and makes all these cool discoveries! people would love to read about the hole-in-wall places he eats in that have great food, the cute local products from different countries that he buys for his daughters, the tips he can give as a frequent flier, and on and on. we think we convinced him hehe...

before leaving, he whipped out his laptop, and showed us some photos from bree's upcoming spring/summer 2011 campaign. it's really stylish and very subtle, and it has a casual approach to the use of the bag. we can easily see those photos on the pages of vogue. here's a sneak peek! (don't you love that bag??)


Anonymous said...

i loved bree in the 80s but back then i couldn't afford it on my allowance. i was hoping to see their raw leather collection (untreated/undyed). but i haven't seen them. i didn't even know they were here i manila. because i was obsessed with getting a bree bag, i settled for my vegetable tanned leather roots bag.
would you know if they carry this skin?

cynical witch said...

I love Bree! I featured this in my maag! :)