Friday, December 03, 2010

keratin complex express blowout

Say goodbye to bad-hair days and hello to sexy, smooth, and shiny hair in a snap as Keratin Complex recently launched the Keratin Complex Express Blowout. Now, there is a healthier alternative to rebonding, relaxing, and straightening.

Founded by renowned hair stylist, Peter Coppola, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy gives you the benefits of beautiful hair without damaging chemicals as it rebuilds, restores, and rejuvenates all kinds of hair with products specially formulated with 40% natural keratin. Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy reduces up to 95% of frizz and is recommended for those who do not want stick-straight hair or those who want to loosen up their curls. It is also recommended for those with damaged hair due to bleaching, rebonding, and chemically-damaged hair.

“It's an exciting product that's easier to sell to more discerning clients because you can still color and highlight your hair as much as you want without any dryness or damage," says Drea Zulueta, Marketing Manager of Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy. Since its first offering in May 2010, many women have tried the treatment and are amazed at what it can do. “The best thing about the treatment is that the more you do it, the better and healthier your hair condition becomes,” Drea adds. The original smoothing treatment process takes two and a half hours and requires clients to refrain from wetting their hair for 72 hours to see effective results that lasts from 3-5 months.

From the creators of the popular Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy comes Keratin Express Blowout, another topnotch hair treatment perfect for those who want to have sexy, shiny, and smooth hair in a snap. Unlike the original smoothing therapy, Express Blowout only takes an hour but produces the same effect and lasts up to 6 weeks. Best of it all, Express Blowout clients can wash their hair in just 8 hours, instead of the usual 72 hours.
The posh Society Lounge in Atrium Makati was where Keratin Complex laid the scene. Hair experts from some of the most renowned salons in the country were present for the unveiling and Vice-President of Keratin Complex Rick Gerstein and Marketing Manager Andrea Zulueta were present to welcome their guests. Beautiful and charming host Patty Laurel welcomed everyone. An audio-visual presentation by Keratin Complex International’s Martino Cartier showed how the Keratin Complex Express Blowout is done. Soon, models sashayed the runway showing off their smooth, shiny, and sexy hair with their before and after photos being displayed onscreen. Guests enjoyed endless cocktails and servings of hors d ‘oeuvres and smooth jazz funk music from the Keratin Experiment with fresh lead singer Nina Valera in celebration of beautiful hair brought about by the newly-launched Keratin Complex Express Blowout.
Letting everyone in on the wonders of Keratin Complex were Ateneo de Manila’s courtside reporter and Magic 89.9 DJ Jessica Mendoza, budding designer Camille Co, mother and entrepreneur Tetchie Hagedorn, columnist Mayenne Carmona, and iconic designer Criselda Lontok. These ladies have tried the Keratin Complex Express Blowout for themselves and have nothing but raves for this revolutionary hair treatment.

Camille Co describes her new beautiful, sexy hair as natural-looking and healthy. Although she admits she likes her hair’s “unintentionally-messy-that-looks-intentional” kind of hair, there are still times when she wishes it could be better. “Like any other girl, there are days when my hair is just too stubborn, that’s when I get really conscious,” Camille says. Thanks to Keratin Express Blowout, Camille can now forget about bad hair days. “It’s so much silkier and healthier, a far cry from my dry and damaged hair days. I look like I blow dry-ed my hair everyday.” Camille also likes how she can personalize the treatment. “I requested for my natural waves to be maintained and the stylist was able to do so with the treatment,” she tells. “I can’t tell you enough how perfect this treatment is for me and for all the girls out there who are too lazy to fix their hair, just like me!” Camille says.
For Tetchie Hagedorn, healthy hair is beautiful hair. “No matter what length or style, sexy hair has to look natural,” she says. The normal shampoo-and-conditioner routine works best for Tetchie, and leaves her hair to dry naturally as it feels better when left to dry on its own. She agrees to the saying that ‘A woman’s hair is her crowning glory’ so she keeps hers healthy with regular salon visits for trim and occasional hot oil treatments. Tetchie tested the new smoothing treatment and she absolutely loved it. “It was fantastic! The treatment fulfilled its promises. The process only took one hour and my hair felt instantly softer and looked shiny,” tells Tetchie. “It was straight and had body. It looks even better.”
Mayenne Carmona says a full bodied, well cut with a lot of movement defines beautiful, sexy hair. “It should look and feel conditioned and moisturized,” she says. To achieve this, Mayenne swears by daily brushing and scalp massage. “I condition my hair weekly. I am very vigilant about having healthy hair,” she tells. Mayenne regularly goes to the salon for hair treatments so she was open to try the Keratin Complex Express Blowout. Mayenne describes. “After two shampoos, my hair became soft and no longer limp. It has gotten back its volume.” Mayenne says her hair became “manageable, moisturized, and healthy” thanks to Keratin Express Blowout.
Designer Criselda Lontok attributes shiny and good smelling hair to healthy hair. “It should look and feel alive,” she says. With her busy schedule, Criselda keeps a low maintenance routine to keep her hair healthy. “I shampoo every other day and I don’t use conditioner because it makes my hair softer,” she tells. She makes sure she keeps her hair clean and unruly because she thinks beautiful, well-managed hair contributes a lot to the beauty of a person. Criselda was happy when she tried Keratin Express Blowout. “It made my hair shiny really quickly after a few hours. It didn’t have to take long. I can already shampoo my hair after eight hours,” says Criselda. “My hair is soft, silky, and sexy, because of the treatment,” she adds.
With the Keratin Complex Express Blowout, hair that is sexy, smooth and shiny is now within your reach! Visit any of these salons for a truly life-changing hair experience: Philippe Salon, Toni and Guy Essensuals, Henri Calayag Salon, Louis Phillip Kee Salon, Piandre Salon, Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell, Studio 546, Emphasis Salon, Regine's Salon, Prive Salon, Manila Polo Club Salon, Jing Monis Salon, Victoria's Salon, French Cut SalonProfiles Salon, Indigo Salon, Justine Barbara Salon in Laguna, Cecil Marie Salon in BF Paranaque, Bridges Salon and Expose Salon in Cebu, Pink and Gold Salon in Davao and some branches of David's Salon in Manila and Pampanga.

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